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Must-have Tech for College Students

If you’re in college, or you’re heading off to college soon, you want to have the latest technology to make all that constant studying—or partying—easier. Tech gadgets not only help you do research on the go but help you to stay connected to your friends and family at home, too. Check out the latest must-have gadgets for college students.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones: Drown Out Your Roommates

Nothing’s worse than trying to cram for finals when your roommates are wreaking havoc in your apartment. A good pair of noise-cancelling headphones help you focus and drown out the many noises that are in your environment, whether it’s a party or chit-chat at the library. Play your favorite tunes while reducing background noise so you can pay attention to your studies.

Tablet PC: Stay Connected on the Go

Tablet PCs and Netbooks are compact, basic computing gadgets useful for taking notes in class, browsing the web for research or socialization and performing some basic word processing functions. Rather than lug around a separate laptop case in addition to all those books, lighten your load a bit with a tablet PC. Tuck it in your backpack for easy portability.

Smartphone: Store All That Data in One Location

You have a million assignments, dates, appointments and exams to keep track of—why not keep all that information in one convenient place? A smartphone is more than just a phone. Sync your contacts, notes and calendar with your computer for access anytime. If you’re planning on pursuing your masters in project management, organization is your top priority.

Bluetooth Keyboard: Save Your Pudgy Fingers

With all the greatness of tablet PCs comes the inconvenience of using a touch-screen keyboard. Some students don’t mind, but others struggle with the different tactile feedback. If that sounds like you, a Bluetooth keyboard will be your hero. It’s a full, physical QWERTY keyboard that connects wirelessly to your tablet, basically turning it into a mini-laptop.

Automatic Bathroom Cleaner: Get the Ick Out

If you’re rooming in an off-campus house with a few of your buddies, someone’s going to have to clean the bathroom. No one’s going to volunteer. Invest in a gadget such as the iRobot Mini Scooba 230, set it up and let it do its dirty work on the bathroom floor. Unfortunately, the iRobot doesn't do toilets--so you're on your own for potty-cleaning duty.

Sound Cube or Mini Speakers: Make the iPod More Powerful

When you’re not trying to drown out the sound of your roommates, you’re the one causing the ruckus. A gadget such as the TDK Sound Cube blasts out the sound of your favorite music straight from your iPod to fill up the whole room. Mini-speakers are also compact enough that they won’t take up half your dorm room, so you’ll still have a spot for your bed.

These must-have tech gadgets could make you the coolest student on campus. Even if they don’t score you any dates, they’ll at least make your college life more functional.