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SociaLink : Simplest Way to Manage Friends

In today's era, with millions of people on social networks, it can be challenging to find someone you met last night just by searching their name. Once you find them and friend request them, you have repeat the process for multiple social networks.

SociaLink is a the simplest way to send friend requests and follows on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Tumblr!

Have you ever wanted to friend or follow someone instantly after meeting them at an event without the hassle of searching for them? Well now you can! SociaLink is a unique and one of a kind application that allows two people to friend or follow each other instantly and in-person on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Tumblr. Never before have you been able to instantly add your new connections when meeting them in person. Have you ever forgot to get a persons contact information after meeting someone at the bar or a networking event? Don't let this happen to you again!

What If someone doesn't have SociaLink yet? You can instantly share your social media profile links as well as a link to download SociaLink by using the ‘Email’ feature.

The app was created by two University of Arizona students who saw a need to simplify networking while abroad in India. If you would like to learn more about (or contact) SociaLink, you can do so at their website.