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Top 5 Apps for Reputation Management the Mobile Way

Managing your online reputation is important, whether you’re an individual, small business owner or marketing or PR representative for a major brand. But it’s difficult to scour the vastness of the World Wide Web searching for mentions of your or your company without a little aid. Here are a few apps to help you monitor your online rep on the go using your mobile device.

Google’s Me on the Web Tracks Mentions

All of Google’s applications are mobile-optimized, so the search giant’s Me on the Web feature is usable from any mobile device. This reputation management applications provides notifications when you or your brand name are mentioned across the web—meaning you’ll be updated even if you don’t manually check your dashboard, depending on the search monitors you’ve set up.

Reputation.com Offers Updates and Removes Negativity

There are plenty of Reputation.com news articles analyzing this service’s effectiveness in repairing damaged reputations—and boosting search engine rankings. Find out when reviews are posted about your business on review sites and get a score gauging each review’s sentiment from within a web-based dashboard that’s easily accessible on the fly.

Whos Talkin Monitors Social Mentions

Social networks are common reputation management platforms, since they’re ripe with feedback from consumers. Since you’re using all those social networks from your mobile device, why not monitor them from your device, as well? A simple search function brings up results from across the social sphere, so you can respond promptly and appropriately to both positive and negative comments from wherever you are.

TweetBeep Provides Instant Notifications of Twitter Mentions

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks, and brands such as Comcast have proven that the platform is a powerful customer service tool. But how do you make sure you’re not missing pertinent questions or comments? Even if you’re using a Twitter mobile app, you’ll have to check your mentions throughout the day. TweetBeep eliminates that need with email alerts every time your company is mentioned, even if the user posts a shortened URL.

Yext Eases Location-Based Reputation Management

Yext allows you to update and monitor your listing information on more than 40 location-based services with a single effort using its mobile apps. With Yext, you can constantly monitor your listing status and make changes necessary to enhance your listings, including rich media updates, which can bury negative reviews in the search engine results pages. Not only is Yext an enormous time-saver, but it’s a powerful tool for taking control of your local search listings and ensuring search results about your business are positive.
If you’re a business owner or busy professional, you’re constantly on the go. You don’t have time to sit down at a laptop or desktop to scour the Internet for reviews, let alone to bury negative feedback. Fortunately, a number of reputation management apps can be used right from your mobile device—so you can keep tabs on your online reputation and keep it in check wherever your busy schedule takes you.