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5 Ways to Ensure Your Emails get read and Not Thrown in the Trash

Email marketing is an effective way to reach your customers if you know how to do it right. Unfortunately, there's a lot of competition in this area so even a small mistake will cost you big. Carefully analyze every message to make sure you're sending the most compelling emails possible.

Pay Attention to Your Sender Address

Your sender address is one of only two things that your recipient will see before opening the email. If your address isn't clear, the recipient will ignore your message no matter how compelling the subject line. It's essential that your sender address identifies who you are either as a person or a company. If the recipient can see that the message is from XYZ Printing and the subject line tells them what it's about, there's a good chance they'll open it to learn more. If the message is from news@printing.com, they won't know anything about who is really sending it.

Write a Compelling Subject Line

Along with the sender address, the subject line is one of the few things your recipient sees before opening the email. Make sure the subject line is short and to the point. If it's too long, the tail end gets cut off. The ideal subject gives your reader an actionable message even if he doesn't open the email. "40% Off Sale on Saturday" will draw shoppers in whether they open the email or not. Give your message added appeal by teasing at what's inside "Half-Off Coupons for This Weekend" gives the reader a good reason to read more.

Send Your Email at the Appropriate Time

Timing is important for your emails to get the consideration they need. In general, you should follow these guidelines:
  • Send your email on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday
  • Send the message around the middle of the day when readers are on lunch
  • Schedule emails for recipients on Eastern Standard Time unless you can customize them for the reader's exact location
  • Give readers 3 to 5 days' notice before an event

Make the Message Concise and Actionable

Most readers will only skim your message at best. Make the sentences and paragraphs short and easy to read. Include bold headlines and brief bulleted lists. Give each message just one direct call to action. Don't hype your new store, Friday sales, and summer sundresses all in one message. The best email marketing services know that shorter is always better.

Test Your Results Thoroughly

Test each campaign carefully to see what works with your audience. General rules may not apply to your niche. Perhaps your readers respond best to weekend messages or actually enjoy your Monday morning tips. These trends go against the grain, but they're not unheard of. Tweak and test again and again until you find the strategy that fits your audience best.

Though there's a lot of competition in the world of email marketing, it is possible to see real success with this strategy when you carefully design your emails to interest and engage your audience.