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Monitoring Your Finances With Your Self Phone: It's Possible!

Watching your finances is a daunting task for many people. In the past, it was almost impossible to see how much was in your bank account or what your credit card balance was, short of an annoying, sometimes lengthy call to that particular financial institution. However, with the emergence of cell phones, monitoring your finances at any time or location is easy. With banks providing mobile access and new financial apps, tracking your finances is easier now more than ever.

Mint: The Most Popular App to Track Finances

With over 10 million downloads, Mint is by far the most used personal finance app available. It helps you create and adhere to a budget by listing your income and expenses. Furthermore, it actually categorizes the expenses to see where you're spending the most money, and puts your money into readily available cash and investments. The best aspect of Mint is that it's free. So start tracking your finances on the go, today.

Yahoo! Finance: The Stock Market at Your Fingertips

For all you market watching, Dow Jones-loving enthusiasts, Yahoo! Finance puts all of your interests in one app. It allows you to get up to the minute stock quotes, tracks daily, weekly, and monthly stock prices, and provides the latest market news. In addition, Yahoo! Finance also gives you specialty information for hardcore traders such as commodity prices, currency rates, and futures prices. It's Wall Street right on your phone.

Mobile Banking: From Nation-wide Banks to Local Banks, There's an App

Almost all nation-wide banks, such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and US Bank all provide apps for your banking needs. These apps include bill pay, balance transfers, balance inquiries, and transaction searches. However, local banks, to compete with bigger banks, are now offering the same technology. Many small, community banks, at the very least, offer text banking, which allows you to obtain balances and transfer money. Due to high demand, most are going above and beyond that by offering apps. Check with your local bank for details.

MarketMinder: The Daily Market Advisor

MarketMinder is a free app that provides essential market information to investors. The app gives its user daily market advice columns, market updates, including which sectors and countries are performing the best, and archives of past market information, so you can see how your investments are performing. Couple that with the fact MarketMinder is made by Fisher Investments, the largest wealth management company in the country, and you know it's legitimate. If you're still not sold, read some Fisher Investment Reviews to put your mind at ease.

Check: Don't Get Hit With Overdraft Fees or Late Charges

Check, formerly called Pageonce, is a money management app that is geared towards saving you money through avoiding overdrafts or late bill payments. The free app sends you alerts when bills need to be paid so you can pay them right there or schedule a debit at a later time. It also notifies you when you are coming close to overdrawing your account or exceeding your credit card limit. By using Check, you can avoid unnecessary fees and save yourself a lot of headaches.

While you shouldn't rely solely on these apps for financial peace of mind, it can definitely make money management easier. Instead of using the technology to take care of everything, study it and become more aware of your own financial situation. It will teach you about how you spend money and make you a model of fiscal responsibility so you never fall off the cliff.