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Growth of Mobile Apps

There has been steep growth in the demand for mobile apps because of the immense popularity of smart phones such as Blackberry, iPhone, Samsung, Nokia etc. This industry has emerged to a multi-billion dollar industry with mobile apps being made for almost every need of the user. Business have already started to exploit the opportunities. Mobile applications have become more pervasive as developers race to keep in touch with the needs of the customer base.

The use of a smartphone is truly comprehended with the installation of mobile apps. Among all operating system used in the enterprise of mobile device, the iOS and Android platforms are most popular. The main reason being at top 2 is, these two operating systems uses an exceptional user interface. According to the estimates taken towards the beginning of year 2012, the sale revenues from iOS & Android apps have crossed the $20 million mark. This has elicited the demand for third party developers and many others to create quick apps on a needed basis and promote mobile business. Android is an open source and it doesn’t have any stringent rules to create any apps unlike other operating systems.

The emerging demand for Android and iOS mobile apps have enhanced the mobile application development companies the most. These companies can now customize the themes and icons of the OS platforms to offer enhanced features and cost effective app solutions to clients. This is the main reason behind the success of mobile app development companies emerging in the market within a short span of time.

Here are some of the stats for you, According to the report, North America led the market since 2009 with a 41.6 percent revenue share. However, Asia is the largest market in terms of downloads with 36 percent. The European mobile applications market stood at $1.2 billion in 2009, but is expected to become the largest market by 2015, at $8.4 billion and growing at a CAGR of 33.6 percent during 2010 – 2015. Analysts project that by the year 2013, the Mobile application industry will have annual revenues of $509 billion dollars.

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Key points that each Mobile Application business plan should seek to include:

1) Current Trend

Due to rapid increase in the growth of mobile application business, it is very much needed to know the real time information as well as charted orientation that will not only fine tune the industry but in many cases it decides the failure or success of a venture.

2) Key Expertise Areas

By opting for an individual mobile app developer, businesses can focus on roping in one whose expertise lies in the desired area. For instance, it doesn’t make much sense to get an iOS developer for an Android requirement, does it ?

3) Targeted marketing

Targeting the right market is the more than half of the battle. Develop a business plan with a marketing strategy that clearly communicates the needs of the market and how to develop a strategy to satisfy them. If you are in business, then it is must for your to have a mobile app to reach target audience. Creating apps from scratch can be troublesome, but businesses can use sites like Wiju.com, and get mobile app development services at reasonable rates. Wiju.com helps you choose between various options, and you can select one which suits your budget and requirements. You can also get options for services to develop your own business or personal site on Wiju.com.

4) Expanded room for competition

By hiring developers based on specific skill sets, it is quite an easy task for clients to view their past performances and ratings, above all, get over the geographical barriers and constraints. This provides more focus on talent and expertise rather than mundane issues

With all the above points mentioned, one thing’s for sure – just as the number of web pages exploded with the growth of the internet, so will the number of mobile applications as the number of smart phones continues to grow worldwide.