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10 Tips to Prevent Cyber Bullying Effecting Teenagers

It’s an admitted fact that technology has simplified many things for us. However, interruption and malicious activities can also make things difficult. One such is cyber bulling that happens when electronic communication becomes threatening. Some of these are emails, text messages, updates from social media and an instant messaging service.

But following are the tips help parents prevent their loved ones from cyber bullying,

1. Avoid Posting the Personal Information

Some of the common private information is your address, name, school name, phone number and passwords. You should avoid mentioning the name of the team with whom you are playing sports. Photographs also fall under the category of private information. Even if you are providing it, make sure that it is viewed by the ones whom you know.

2. Use Appropriate Technology

If you find that your child is susceptible to the issues of cyber bullying, avoid using such technology. There are ways of blocking.

3. Put a Check on the Signs that can Give Rise to Such Harassment

Cyber bullying acquires the form of harassment of a person from instant, messaging services, emails and many more. Some of the common symptoms are being threatened by hateful messages, threatening or embracing.

4. Avoid Sending Angry Messages

Think many times before you give a reply to an angry message. An emotional and spontaneous message may prove to be hurtful and offensive for you. A cyber bully generally waits for such kind of messages so that it can have a control on you.

5. Avoid Opening Messages Received from Strangers

Do not open a message that has been received from a stranger. You should cut down the anxiety within you to read it once. This is a malicious act of sending across viruses to your system.

6. Avoid Certain Topics

Avoid sending messages that is biased in terms of gender, sex, age group and comprises of a group of cultures. Most of the people may react sensitively to a message that is discussing their religion. This may give rise to a feeling of hatred.

7. Do Not use Emails for Confidential Matters

It is wise to have a face to communication with a person if you have something very important to say. These messages can even go to a wrong person. This will give rise to the activities of cyber bully. There are times when a recruiter will put an enquiry over the applicant.

8. Do Not Share your Passwords

Do not reveal your password to even the closest friend of you. This can pass on easily, and you will be harassed later on.

9. Identify the Real Cause Behind It

Bully’s can be done by a friend of yours, an ex or a person whom you know. Use your insights to find out who the person is. Make sure that you have the conversation in person. All you need is a strong action so that you are not surpassed by an individual.

10. Keep An Eye on Your Kids’ Cell Phones

Find out what are your kids doing while they are online on cellphones and computers. It is not appropriate to keep on nagging behind them, but it is wise to keep on asking them. Most of the kids love to have iPhone or iPad because of their features. You can install iPhone spy app before handing over to them to see what they are up to. It’ll help out you take action against bully if your toddler is a victim of cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying is quite prevalent among kids, and teenagers. Awareness campaign and legislation are there to prevent it. There are many ways of preventing it, and you should keep a proper check on it. It is not appropriate to avoid, and you should keep the proof as a form of evidence.