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5 Best Websites For Wasting Time

You have hours of work to complete yet you can't focus for five minutes. Your motivation is dwindling but you haven't left your computer. Standing up and doing some jumping jacks may help send some blood to your brain. Walking outside and getting a breath of fresh air might refresh your creative spirits. However, sitting at your computer and killing time at fun and trivial websites is far more appealing. Here are a few ridiculous and entertaining sites you need to check out.

1. Bro Tips: The Hangover Of Websites

Ladies, you'd probably enjoy wasting some time on the Bro Tips site too. With silly tips like "Phone passwords prevent butt dials" you'll find yourself shaking your head, rolling your eyes, and laughing your butt off as you procrastinate in the office.

Share these lines on Facebook and you've wasted twenty minutes in no time.

2. Google Street Scene: For the Movie Buff

Have you ever wondered what your favorite movies' street scenes would look like if they were shot in Google street view? With Google Street Scene, you can't stop looking through images and guessing which movies the snapshots belong to.

With approximate addresses, zooms, and maps, you'll be scrolling through these pointless pictures for twenty minutes before moving onto another random site.

3. Spot The Difference: Strengthen Your Eyes

Remember those eyesight games in the comics section that had you identify multiple differences between two pictures? Do you recall how addicting those activities were? Well, you're in luck. With Spot The Difference, you can throw away hours of paid time. You'll appear extremely concentrated as you look intently at your computer screen.

4. Bored.com For Immature Fun

This probably isn't a website you should use in the office. However, www.Bored.com a sure bet for some unproductive entertainment at home. Supplying users with endless idiotic humor such as a prank call amusement, the site is definitely aimed toward kids and the adults who act like children.

In order to make a prank call, you'll need a quality VOIP phone service. Enter the number you wish to prank, a fake number to show up in the caller ID, and the message you want your friend or foe to hear. The system uses text-to-voice technology so when someone picks up, your message will be repeated in an untraceable digitized voice.

5. Animal Lovers Unite: The Kitten Covers and Menwear Dog

Have you noticed that cats are kind of hip these days? Yeah, we don't get it either. Regardless, The Kitten Covers is an awesome website boasting kittens imposed on tons of classic rock albums.

Not a cat person? How about Menswear Dog, a site that proves a Shiba pup can flawlessly rock suits and ties? With fashion advice for every outfit, the dapper dog doubles as your personal assistant on all things trendy. Just keep your laughter contained if you don't want to be overly obvious about your unproductive day.

There are thousands of comical websites out there that can cure your loss of motivation. You may never get any work done but at least you'll be successful in your diverted behavior.