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ProXPN : Safe, Secure & Fast VPN Solution

Netherlands based VPN provider offers proXPN, which is unlimited web browsing over OpenVPN with free account while premium account offers full fledged services. The premium services include unlimited access to all web servers across the world. The VPN service provided is a two tier service. Let us indulge more into what it offers for us.


proXPN provides PPTP and Open VPN connections. Only open VPN is provded with basic account. Access to one server is provided with basic account, the server is located in US. The users are required to pay $6.25 per month, with this services users get to choose from various servers located from outside. The number of servers available are 7 with locations in US , Netherlands Singapore and UK. All VPN servers have several IP addresses. In both of the services no dedicated UDP Protocols like L2TP and openVPN are provided.

A 7-days risk free trail is provided with the premium account for all the users to test the services before actually putting them to use.

You can also check their video presentation on YouTube below.

To connect to the network a custom build application is provided by proXPN . This application is compatible with all Operating Systems be it Windows or Mac OS. The Application gives flexibility to choose VPN server and protocol while the Macintosh app is a modified version of TunnelBlick which is a free OpenVPN client.

Apart from desktop services, proXON also offers provides support for mobile users and online help will be provided in order to set up PPTP connections on both iOS 4.0+ or Android 4.0+. They are soon to launch their mobile apps for both Android and Apple market


The VPN dialer is easy to use and provides an easy switch between servers and VPN protocols. In case of unexpected connection drop the application automatically locks thus your data remains saved ad thus the data sharing stops once the we are not connected.


The premium accounts comes with a price of $6.25 per month which gives high speed access to servers spread worldwide, access to P2P unblocked ports and PPTP support for desktops, laptops and mobile phones.

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Logging and privacy

The privacy policy is well maintained by keeping users in consideration and having perfect measures to contain users from performing illicit activities like spamming, distribution of viruses etc.

Now coming to logging policy a sign up information wil be required which will be stored for two weeks for logging the payment and billing details of premium users such as Name and Billing cycle.

Reliability and Speed

The connection had been rigorously tested and came out to be working successfully for hours and reliably. On average, we reached speeds between 3 and 5 Mbit/sec. on proXPN VPN using both VPN modes (OpenVPN and PPTP).


ProXPN VPN provides support via email / ticket, twitter and they also have a documentation section on their site.


The Good:

  1. VPN Software interface is simple and easy to use. More to say, it was the best interface we ever saw for a VPN solution.
  2. Pricing is perfect.
  3. The premium plan provides extra added features, but they provide a free VPN plan also.

The Bad:

  1. Some people might be confused with logging policy.
  2. More servers in different countries would be welcomed.

ProVPN is a great VPN solution for all your needs, and it also includes a free plan, and well priced premium plans also which let's you get the most of their services. If you need a VPN for browsing, media streaming and casual downloads, their speeds are good enough. We rate proXPN VPN at 8.5/10 among paid VPN providers.

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