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Synchroteam Mobile Apps Review - Affordable and User-friendly Tool to SMBs

Synchroteam is an efficient solution to supervise mobile workers of a particular company. It aims to make things easier to check, monitor and track those employees that are mostly assigned in the field doing specific jobs. Small and medium enterprises can mostly benefit from this app like from Netspy Mobile since time, money and effort can be minimized because it can cut down other unnecessary effort such as paper works. The employees can immediately get directives by simply looking at their respective mobile phones and act accordingly as ordered. This is relatively proficient even if you have 10 or 1000 people under you, and it works perfectly.

Prioritizing tasks and organization within your hands

Prioritizing and organizing schedules of your workforce can be so much better. Information are quickly relayed and deciphered by workers because the app was created and designed to be user-friendly on a mobile device or tablet. Because every company has its own individuality, this mobile app can be customized to fit your specific needs with regards to workflows and reports. One of the best features of Synchroteam app is the ability to track workers, location of offices and customers real-time which is clearly evident on a map. This app can also schedule and dispatch a specific job on a qualified worker based on his accessibility, capability and location. Furthermore, a user can scan and evaluate the workers activities at a glance through simple color codes and indicators displayed on the mobile phone.

Applicability of the app in various industries

This app is generally applicable and has been widely used on establishments and industries which cater on maintenance, utilities, telecommunication services, pharmaceutical as well as in transport and deliveries. This has been proven beneficial especially to companies that require more field work and exposures but aim to cut cost in their operational spending.

User-friendly features of Synchroteam App

It takes only a few tabs to work with Synchroteam. In the “settings” menu where everything takes place, templates are set up easily from current job assignments to reports and whatever you wish to add in connection to the specified need. Each of this individual tab have a corresponding function that helps organize the field workers and the user is given a status report very quickly in real time. The same tab can then be used to create a new job or assignment for a particular person conveniently. You always get a good review of an actual job activity that a member of your team is currently working into. So for instance you get an emergency call for a telephone or electrical repair, you will know who is available and nearest to the location of that emergency. That’s a lot of savings in time, effort and money and a whole lot efficient service and response from your team too.

Value for your money application

This app is very affordable in its price and even comes in a test drive for those companies interested to acquire one. Ever since the app was made available to the market, it has been well-accepted because of the benefits and advantages that it can provide to its customers. The app is compatible with Blackberry, Android and iOS, which are popularly used by most mobile users today. You can use the application in different devices that your team members will be using and you can possibly have everything you need in monitoring all their activities in a single application. Paying for this single program that can give you better organizational control over several people is a budget saving application that you should own for your business team productivity.