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8 Industries that Benefit from Service Management Software

Service management software helps to coordinate and mobilize businesses that make it their job to keep people’s homes and businesses running smoothly. While customer service is the primary aspect of any company, some industries are more service oriented than others are. These businesses gain the most benefit from service management software. These industries include:
  • Construction industry
  • IT industry
  • Security Industry
  • Software Industry
  • Appliance Industry
  • Cable Industry
  • Utility Industry
  • Plumbing and Heating Industry
All of these industries work on site or have to service customers at their locations instead of having customers come to a shop or storefront for service. But service management software can help do so much more. Here are some industry specific examples of how they benefit from management software.


Service management software can help with coordination and project management. When completing a building project, many different elements are involved. Different specialists are needed at different stages, as well as delivery of materials, inspection and back-end applications like progress reports and milestone payments. Everything needs to run smoothly in order to avoid project delays and client dissatisfaction. Service management software lets everyone involved in the project communicate with one another, update information, and adjust for scheduling difficulties. If specialists will be late, a delivery is delayed or the client submits last minute changes, everyone will be informed and alternate arrangements can be made.


In addition to on call solutions, software companies also need to be able to make online and phone assistance available. If a solution isn’t found using these methods and a service call is scheduled, service management software can help relay the original problem and any attempts that were made before the call was scheduled and the results of those attempts. This will save time and may help the service agent determine what the right solution may be for that specific customer. It is also helpful when a company makes upgrades to software releases. That release can be made available unilaterally and added as a potential solution to the customer’s problem.


The ability to use security systems on multiple platforms is a new feature that many customers demand. In order to maintain customer advantage, a company needs to offer ways for customers to monitor and maintain their security features on mobile devices and desktops. Service management software can help with this application as well as make installation, monitoring and service easier for sales staff, tech support and customer service agents.

Appliance Industry

The more information an agent has on a service call the better they can serve a customer. And if a customer can receive service quickly they are more likely to be satisfied even if their air conditioning unit breaks or their dishwasher isn’t running right. Service management software can help create emergency tickets and determine how fast a representative can be in the area. The ability to schedule service calls the same day or being able to offer a specific time will ease the frustrations of the customer and help the company gain competitive advantage.

When a company specializes in keeping a business’s intranet up and running or building a new warehouse they need to be able to coordinate and organize in-house and mobile staff. These types of companies receive the most benefit from service management software. Service industries have unique situations but the right type of service management software can be adaptable, secure and expandable to allow an organization to take care of clients while maximizing their return on investment.