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Ideas for Fun 3D Printing Projects

Technology has traveled a long way in the last few years. One of the largest technological breakthroughs has been the establishment of the 3D printer. If a person has HP inkjet cartridges and a 3D printer, there are many projects and crafts you can make.

Many people think such printers are solely for business purposes, but the fact is there are many "fun" projects you can use your 3D printer for. Many designs and ideas can be downloaded at Thingiverse.com. Here is a list of fun and exciting projects you can use your 3D printer for:


So you need a wrench or a screwdriver? There is no longer any need to run to your local hardware or home improvement store. If you have a 3D printer, you can make a simple open end wrench or even a combination wrench as long as you have the right program and design. Screwdrivers and saws can be made of this high density plastic material also. These tools may not last quite as long as a metal one, but you can just print another one.

Handy Holders

With a 3D printer, you can use a wide variety of colors. Printing pen and pencil holders will be an easy job. How about a tie holder, or even colorful coat hangers? With your new 3D printer, the ideas are endless. You could manufacture holders of almost anything. With that in mind, you may even be able to come up with a unique design and sell them, making a profit and allowing you to quit your day job.

Chocolate Ideas

The 3D printer revolution doesn't just use plastic to make items. You can actually make food items. How about the idea of eating your own face? There was a 3D printing geek who came up with the idea of printing his face in a chocolate bar so people could eat his face.

What could you put in a chocolate bar? The ideas are simply astonishing. If a person could do this with a chocolate bar, what other food items could be used? Maybe you could print a hard candy in the shape of your foot and put your foot in your mouth.

A Musical Instrument

You can print a guitar, a violin or even a trumpet. Why pay outrageous amounts of money for a musical instrument when you can just put the design into your 3D printer and a short time later you are playing one of Beethoven's classics on your new violin.


Wouldn't it be cool to have a 3D replica of one of the many cars or motorcycles that are rare in today's world? You could do this with your new 3D printer. Line your fireplace mantle with car models like a Ford Model T and a 1970 Dodge SuperBee. You can throw in an old Indian motorcycle replica as well.

Visitors will be astonished at the detail these models will hold, because your 3D printer will print all the fine details that no other machinery could do in the past.

Your Child's Idea

In times past, when a child brought a drawing home from school, we used a magnet to hang their drawing on the refrigerator. Now you can be the parent that brings a larger smile on your child's face. Instead of just attaching it to the icebox, put the idea into your 3D printing program and print your child's drawing out in 3D. They can then have their drawing as a toy or you can put it on your desk to show all your co-workers how great an artist your child is.


No need to run to the store and buy new plates and cups anymore. Just put the design you desire into your 3D printer and you will have a whole new set of plates, cups and other kitchenware. You can use many different color schemes. No more frustration if someone breaks a plate. You just print a new one.


What if your wife saw a pair of high heels she likes at the shoe store in the mall? When you looked at them and saw the price tag was $300, you nearly had a heart attack. No need to get worked up, just take a picture of them and put the idea in your printer and give your wife that pair of shoes. Will you tell her how you got the shoes, or will you allow her to think you spent $300?

The whole process is really very simple if you have a 3D printer. The design you have just needs to be uploaded as a CAD file on your home computer. You can get CAD software for free on the internet if you search. That CAD file is then put in the 3D printer, and in a short time, your idea will become a reality.

Tree House

You know what else would be fun for that new 3D printer? Making a colorful tree house that will make all the other parents jealous. Part by part, the 3D printer will make the tree house, and the kids will love it.

You and your 3D printer have the world by the tail.