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NSA Attacking Freedom and Liberty of American Citizens

Lately NSA has been a lot in the news, sometimes for the warrant less use of mobile tracker software or the government’s defense of the Prism Project. The agency which was formed to safeguard the nation’s security has been covertly monitoring the activities of American citizens. Mobile carriers such as Verizon have been providing NSA the data it needs in exchange for immunity. NSA’s warrantless cell phone tracking had been gaining momentum since 2005.

Finally this year, the court ordered the suspension of warrantless cell phone tracking while the state of New Jersey deemed it illegal. The American government has been backing up NSA’s action claiming that the agency only monitors people who are suspected to be a threat to the country’s national security. Swamped with lawsuits and cries of outrage, NSA now stands alone as the administration is barely able to defend its actions now. Check out our infographic giving you an overview of NSA’s activities:

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