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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini : Features, Review & More

Samsung has very well sensed, the demand of smaller devices and has launched yet another revenue generating egg in its money bag. We are talking about Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. Like other brands, it is expected to pay off quite well in the market.

The size of the phone is lesser than Galaxy S4 but it is a little thicker. But that’s what the idea is. Smaller screen consume lesser battery with the same high definition resolution. Thus, Galaxy S4 mini is compact S4 with a little performance of battery.

Let us delve more into the features of the phone and what’s new it has in store for us.

Screen size

Galaxy S4 mini offers a super Amoled display, high definition 4.3 inch touch screen. It is slightly lesser than Galaxy S4 which is a 5 inch screen thus there is not much visible difference in the size of both the phones. The screen has 256 pixels , though not a full HD screen but the video and picture quality is not any less when compared to any of the High Definition phones. Colors are vibrant and bright enough giving crisp and sharp edges. The detail of picture and video is appreciable being it not an HD screen. When compared to S4 the details of screen and video is not much different when seen from the naked eye.

When it comes to using the phone its quite easy due to its smaller size and tasks could be completed with one hand. The smaller size makes it easy to handle and hence the activities like texting , browsing and interacting with the phone has become a lot more easier. S4 mini thus trade a little of screen size for a more of comfort.


S4 mini, as is name suggests, is a small and light device and weighs 107 grams. This is quite lesser than S4 mini which is 130 grams in weight.


S4 mini has quite a large value for money when compared to other phones of its price and size. Even when compared to S4 it is not much deviated from the speed and performance point of view. S4 has 1.9 GHz processor while S4 Mini has 1.7 GHz dual core processor

Memory and storage

The Galaxy S4 mini seems to have cut in this factor with the RAM being 1.5 GB while S4 offers a 2 GB RAM. Coming to internal storage it has an 8 GB of internal storage with up to 64 GB of expandable memory through MicroSD memory card.


The camera is a decent 8 megapixel camera with clear pictures and videos. Samsung retained the importance of video chatting and hence a 2 megapixel camera front facing camera. An LED flash, Panorama shot and other features are also embedded with the phone’s camera.


Samsung Galaxy S4 mini runs on Android Jellybean and TouchWiz interface is included. The add-on included with the phone is Smart Stay, this keeps the screen active as long as you looking at the screen. This is done with the help of front facing camera which detects if you are looking at the screen or not. The health applications such as pedometer is included in the phone play same much and enjoy same games as your friends at the same time.


Galaxy S4 mini though lacks some features of S4 but that is quite acceptable as the price has also come down when compared to S4. However, the smaller size, good looks, required add-ons, good battery life it is a worth buy for such a price.