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[InfoGraphic] Mission Mars One

After the release of Mission to Mars movie all of us have understood that NASA is planning to launch a Human mission to the Mars and the theme of the movie has come out of the same thought.

In the movie we see NASA sends a mission which is a failure and hence sends a rescue mission to get the survivors back. After watching the movie many of us thought we might get a chance to actually see humans going to Mars.

That time has come now. A nonprofit organization launching a new human mission to mars where four humans are being sent to the mars to acquire knowledge about the planet and to know the chances of human’s survival on the red planet.

This mission is named as Mission Mars One where the selection process started in the April 2013 and applications were invited. The selection process of the mission consists of four rounds where in each round applicants are tested in different dimensions. At the end of the fourth round four eligible individuals are selected and are sent to the red planet.

The main aim of this mission is that is to build human settlements on the Mars by the year 2013. The one disadvantage of this mission is that it is only a one way trip where coming back from Mars to earth is not merely impossible.

Source : http://www.graphs.net/201310/mission-mars-one.html