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Most Expensive Video Games In History

From the invention of the video game till today, it never had lost its craze. Many individuals irrespective of their age love playing video games.

Eventually with time and technological advancement video games have turned into a major form of entertainment and sometimes into an addiction.

But most of us wonder about the amount invested on these video games. Most expensive video game ever is GTA V with investment of $ 266 million, followed by GTA IV which is released in 2010 with investment of $ 100 million.

When such huge amounts are invested think about the collections, GTA IV collected huge sum of 1.35 billion. Highest grossing video game till date is World of War Craft which was released in 2004 and collected a whooping sum of $ 10 billion.

Here is an info graph which gives you an idea about collections of the world’s best video games and their collections.