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Trusty Call Centre Headset: On the Road

If you run a call centre and think that some of your staff are showing an extraordinary work ethic by still wearing their headsets when they are heading for their car and leaving the office, unfortunately you may be surprised to know that it is because they have found another use for them.

Making calls from behind the wheel

It would be irresponsible at this point not to make readers aware, in case they weren’t already, that holding a phone in your hand whilst driving has been illegal in the UK since 2003.

Hands-free devices were introduced to get around that problem and many people safely make calls using Bluetooth connectivity whilst they are driving along, but making sure they concentrate on the road of course, to stay within the confines of the law.

Using your headset

The problem with a Bluetooth hands-free kit for many is that the background noise that you pick up can be irritating to say the least and sometimes it is very hard to get a clear enough reception to be able to have a meaningful conversation.

If you use a noise-cancelling call centre headset, then you will already be aware of how clear the calls can be and the clarity that you can achieve in a busy call-centre environment.

You will possibly be surprised to hear that that very same call-centre headset can be used to good effect in the car when connected up to a device like your iPhone.

Using an adaptor

The key to making this setup work and allowing you the opportunity of making crystal clear calls using your noise cancelling headset, is a 3.5mm quick-release adaptor.

You connect one end of the cable to your iPhone or Android device and the other to the quick-release clip that you will find on your call-centre headset, if it is something like the Plantronics Encore Pro for example.

Perfect for the job

If you use a good quality call-centre like the Encore Pro then it will have the noise-cancelling capabilities that will be just perfect for making and receiving calls in the car without the distraction of the sort of background noise that you can get from using a Bluetooth hands-free kit.

People who have already tried using their call-centre headset in the car have said that the people they were talking to could not actually tell the difference between speaking to them on a regular telephone line and speaking to them in the car, so the idea certainly seems to be worth exploring.

Some drivers might feel a bit self-conscious about wearing a headset in the car but when users have reported a perfect phone line quality reception, even with the car window open, then if you need to make regular calls while on the move, it may be an idea that is worthy of serious consideration.

The next time you see a member of staff walking to their car still wearing their headset, they may not actually have forgotten to take it off, but simply want to be able to enjoy a great quality phone call in their car.