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Wondershare Data Recovery - Perfect Recovery Solution

Searching for a file recovery tool for your Windows platform? You have landed at the correct place, Wondershare Data Recovery gives you all what requires for a file recovery. Now you can easily get back your files that has been lost in your system due to accidental deletion or even lost after formatting or updating your operating system. The application can scan all the external and internal memory your PC is blessed of like, external cards, Mobile phones, digital cameras, etc.

Wondershare Data Recovery has a capability to recover almost 500 type files including images, documents, music files, and more. You can search for your lost files in two different ways, one is by using Recovery Wizard which will take you to the scanning process. Second is by using standard mode which lets you choose several recovery modes from. One among these modes lets you recover your file from any of the partitions or from the Recycle Bin. Partition Recovery you’re your file from removed or damaged partitions. If the above two listed option were unsuccessful in searching your file, then Raw File Recovery Mode comes for your escape. Irrespective of the mode e process of looking for files is easy to carry with simple instructions at hand.


On comparing to other data recovery softwares, Wondershare was found to be more user friendly. The result was on the basis of the ease of running other data recovery softwares which need drive and ownership permissions while Wondershare does not. You will come across four recovery modes to look for your missing content. It includes, Raw for deep scanning, Partition to get data from corrupted partitions, Wizard containing security questions as well as Lost files.

The lost file recovery is the quickest file recovery option available, it scans in seconds using 90GB space and lists down the files with locations. While, Raw recovery works with several partitions and it takes some more time to arrange files as types and sub types.

The tool is safe to use, as it is rigorously tested not to overwrite any file or damage the system. Enough flexibility is provided with the application to pause and resume the scanning in between. Filters are available to further refine your search on the basis of size, name or may be date which further saves search time. Another thing to be admired is the preview which helps to locate target files and inspect poor quality to recovery.

Recovery Modules

Lost File Recovery

This is the most common and easiest way to recover your files, it provides the flexibility to actually preview your files before they are recovered.

Partition Recovery

This option will recover your files which were lost during a partition damage or deletion. It will show you your partitions and then upon the selection of your partition it looks for the file into it.

Raw File Recovery

If the above two searching options fo in vain then Raw file recovery mode comes into picture, thus finding the files which “Really Got Lost”

Resume Recovery

This option will work only if you have a previously saved scan result from an old recovery session

Check the video below to learn how Wondershare Data Recovery software can help you recover data in fast and easy way


Wondershare Data Recovery is thus a powerful data recovery tool that gets your files from anywhere in your system, it knows the fact that files are lost or deleted and they are still there somewhere in your system. It clearly analyzes various sources and gives numerable scan methods. It is priced at $39.95 while the trial version can successfully recover upto 100 MB of data.