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ChatWork - Simplifying Business and Team communication on Cloud

ChatWork is an all in one communication platform which comes along with such user friendly features, that the tasks assigned become much easier to execute in a systematic format.

In large managements, generally there is too much of work load and a lot of tasks are to be assigned to the employees. Moreover, a record has to be maintained of the tasks done by everyone. Here, ChatWorks acts as a savior. It offers features which are comfortable and secure for everyone at the work place. It doesn’t require to be upgraded.

It is observed that generally audio and video chats tend to become troublesome. But when it comes to ChatWork, with comparatively better audio, video quality and better video conferencing, it is much smoother and accurate. Sharing of various files and documents is effortless here as it can be simply done by the drag and drop function.

For ChatWork, individual tasks can be assigned to team members along with screensharing. This can be done easily by creating different groups within ChatWork as a part of communication. These groups can be managed based on different projects or departments within the management system. A major portion of the communication costs can be reduced this way. Also, the tiresome phone calls and e mails can be avoided and the communication co-ordination can be done in a smoother way.

It is to be noted that ChatWork is more simplified in a way that it is easier to chat in the same window. Also, copy pasting of conversations is much easier and quicker here.

ChatWork enables connecting businesses online at the highest executive level. Not only that, it also lets you reach beyond local networks and get connected to business members worldwide. Brand and business promotion can be done smoothly with the unique features of ChatWork.

The best thing about ChatWork is that it is also accessible via apps on iOS and Android, which makes it easier to access through mobiles. So when you’re away from your desk, your work won’t be affected. All the things that you do on the desktop can be managed from your mobile phones as well.