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CoolStream Duo : Stream Music to Docking Stations, Boomboxes and Car Stereos

Exeter’s Science and Entertainment’s new model of Bluetooth Adapters for Docking Station, Boomboxes and Car Stereos is CoolStream Duo. This model has an embedded Lithium Polymer battery which supports up to 5 hours of battery life and an additional 3.5mm audio jack to connect with devices that lack a 30 pin iPhone / iPad port. Let us divulge more into what CoolStream Duo has in store for us.

The Box

The packaging is quite small which contains mainly the device, a stereo, the instructions manual and a 3.5mm jack audio cable.

The Design

When comes to the looks, CoolStream Duo is quite elegant in black with rounded corners and rectangular in shape. It has 30 pin iPhone/ iPad adapter at the bottom with an LED indicator, the battery button and the audio output jack. On holding it feels robust and a good build quality.

Once it is connected to the dock the charging starts automatically and if not paired before it gets paired automatically. There is not any requirement for any PIN code while pairing the device.

LED color Status

  1. RED/BLUE - Battery Charging
  2. BLUE (steady) – Charging completed
  3. BLUE quick flashing - Bluetooth Pairing mode
  4. BLUE slow flashing - Bluetooth Paired
The CoolStream Duo has extended its Bluetooth capability as it supports every device which comes with a 3.5mm Audio input jack. With the 5 hour battery life it also works very well as a standalone system but powering is also extremely cheap with a 30 pin USB cable.


We got our hands on CoolStream Duo and tested the same with our favorite iPod Dock which is a SonyDock, the current dock is made perfect with Bluetooth receivers of CoolStream Duo. We took it to camping, parties, picnics and everywhere.

To our surprise as soon as the Sony Dock was recognized instantly as soon as CoolStream Duo was placed in the 30 pin iPod dock. The Bluetooth adapter went automatically in the pairing mode and it was quickly recognized by our Samsung Galaxy S4. The pairing of our phone with CoolStream Duo was just a matter of click and voila! We were able to stream Pandora with my Sony Dock.

We would not like to add audio recording to this blog but as a user we would say the sound quality is rich and clear, we really enjoy listening to music with CoolStream Duo adapter and we are quite sure you will also get used to it once you start using it.

We also gave CoolStream Duo, a try in our car using the auxiliary jack of 3.5mm and the results were perfect. We were able to stream songs in our iPhone over Bluetooth to car speakers with great sound quality and output.

Technical Specifications

  1. Bose SoundDock, Portable SoundDock and SoundDock 10 is included in the docking station with Bluetooth Receiver for 30 Pin iPhone/iPad
  2. An auxiliary jack, 3.5mm, compatible with Sony and other digital docking stations, car stereos and home Boxes.
  3. Rechargeable , easy to use battery with car stereos and portable docks,
  4. Bluetooth with automatic paring
  5. Streaming with any Bluetooth supporting device.
  6. Size (LWH): 2 inches, 0.38 inches, 1.5 inches
  7. Weight: 0.48 ounces
  8. Battery Type: Lithium Polymer


  1. Affordable Price
  2. Awesome compatibility
  3. Ease of charging
  4. Easy to pair
  5. Works as advertised
  6. Works with any available device


  1. Not compatible with few digital docks but many already feature a 3.5mm AUX Audio IN
  2. You need a dock or iCharger to charge the unit.


The CoolStream Duo Bluetooth is super cool with its compatibility of being connected to almost every other Bluetooth enabled device available. Be it 30 pin cable iPhone/iPad docks, the extending Boom Box units, Audio receivers, car stereos or amplifiers CoolStream connects to every other device. The price is quite acceptable of $39 with the features of extended battery and audio jack. You can buy it enjoy it in parties, discs, car, parks, or anywhere you can think of and want to listen to music. It has also earned “Highly recommended” award by Amazon at its review section.