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Finding Best Hosting Plan For Your Needs

Having the right host for your site can be the difference between owning a successful site or a site that doesn't get any traffic at all. When it comes to selecting a web host, what should you look for from a particular hosting service?

Can You Import A WordPress Blog?

Tens of thousands of people have their own blog through WordPress. These days, you can expand the capabilities of WordPress to host multiple domains, get custom themes and create tiered sites that people have to pay to access. If you have ever wanted to start your own version of Facebook or create an inexpensive eCommerce site, you have to have WordPress. Therefore, it is critical that your hosting service allow you to import and host a WordPress blog.

How Much Does It Cost Each Month?

If you are paying more than $50 a year for an individual domain and hosting package, you are paying too much. For business owners, you should be paying no more than $25 a month for hosting services. The only time when it may be acceptable to pay more is if you are having your site hosted on a dedicated server or you need extra storage space for your site.

Do You Get Everything That You Need For eCommerce?

Web hosting packages should give you everything that you need to run a full eCommerce site. For example, you should be offered your own IP address as well as a private SSL certificate. Without those two things, you may not be able to process credit cards and perform other aspects of an online transaction. This is because you could be putting your customer's information at risk if it is not encrypted properly during the transaction process.

It is important to do your homework before you decide on a web host. You need to find a host that is affordable, provides you the ability to import a WordPress blog and allows you to run a full eCommerce site right away. If you are not given these features, you are throwing money away on a host that won't provide you with everything that you need.