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Enable Facebook Comment Replies on Your Personal Profiles

Facebook is all about conversations and to remain connected with friends. People usually tag a person to refer to one's comment, but how awesome would it be if you are able to directly reply to a person's comment. When going through a post, people can easy read though the complete grouped organised conversations.

You must be aware of comment replies on various FaceBook pages or on celebs verified profile pages. With the trick given below, you can easily enable comment replies on your personal FaceBook profile. People who visit your posts / profile would have option to reply to the comments on your post which are created after enabling replies, using this trick.

Your friends and others will have the option to reply to specific comments so that their reply is threaded and grouped with other such replies. Please note mobile users don't have the option to reply to comments, hope FaceBook rolls out an update to iron that soon.

Steps to Enable Comment Replies on FaceBook Profile

(1) Open Facebook.com in Google Chrome and Login into your account, if you are already logged in, skip this step.

(2) Once you are logged in into your FaceBook account in Google Chrome, close all the FaceBook tabs in the browser.

(3) Navigate to Touch.FaceBook.com

(4) Next Open Console in Chrome, to open the same, use the shortcut key, 'CTRL + SHIFT + I' or goto Menu -> Tools -> Developer Tools. Next click on console button.

(5) After you are in Console, click on the gear icon in the right bottom corner.

(6) Settings tab will open up. Next click on Override. If you are not able to see the options as below, that means you are on Google Chrome version 32 or above. If that is the case, skip all steps below and move to section below for Chrome v32.

(7) In the Override Menu, first click Enable Check-box and then Override GeoLocation and enter the following cordinates : Lat: -41.211111 and Lon: 174.781111

Click on Image to Enlarge

(8) Next in the main windows of touch.facebook.com, click on check-in and you will see places in New Zealand

(9) Close all the Facebook Tabs on Google Chrome and re open Facebook.com ( Normal Desktop Version )

(10) Create a random post, drop a comment on that post and you will see a reply to comment option as shown in the beginning of this blog post.

Steps for People using Chrome v32 

These steps are meant for you if you reached steps 6 above, but was not able to find similar options under Overrides. After Chrome v32, these options were moved. Please follow below steps.

(7) After clicking on Override, enable the "Show 'Emulation' view in console drawer"

(8) Please escape button, and now click on elements tab and then right click any where inside elements tab and select 'Inspect DOM Properties'

Click on Image to Enlarge

(9) Next click on 'Emulation' and then 'Sensors'. Enable 'Emulate GeoLocation Coordinates' and enter Lat: -41.211111 and Lon: 174.781111

Click on Image to Enlarge

(10) Follow steps 8, 9 and 10 as given in earlier section.

How does it work ?

The comment replies were enabled for a particular location in and around New Zealand. We override the Geo setting and makes Chrome think that we are around New Zealand and hence Facebook enables the feature for us. It is tricking Facebook, to compute that we are in that location.

Did this trick work for you or are you facing any issue ? Just drop in a comment below.