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Interactive experience, going beyond Text

The biggest advantage of building up a new business or starting with a new idea in today's time is that there is a lot of technology to harness or make use of. Engineers and developers from around the globe over a period of years have built a lot of tools for us to work on. One such field is Information technology, or using computers and other telecommunications equipment to deliver a service by working on data. Software or program built and running on computers are now very heavily used by us and many leading businesses for varied kinds of operations. One such technology or software application which is now being used in a lot of modern applications is text-to-speech engine.

Text to speech as the name says converts a text input to a voice message.

Here are some user based aspects which IT startups or SMEs must consider to use Text to Speech engine to get added advantage on their applications:

1) Make your applications interactive and easy to learn – ATMs and other such machines play messages when you insert your card or click some button. Working in the background is some Text to Speech logic. Users can learn fast when the application plays messages and take them as instructions.

2) Do away with textual communication – There can be some cases where a textual response by your application can be redundant. Also, at times when a user is too busy to read a text result speech becomes very effective for alerting the users. Voice response from the application provides users with an option in such cases.

3) Humanize your applications – By adding some further logic to the basic Text to Speech APIs, one can provide personalization to its user base. It adds a human value to computer applications. Users will surely like it when you greet them with their names and will not feel to be at the receiving end of a programmed robot.

4) Added feature with a fairly simple integration – Text to Speech logic can be integrated to a majority of web, mobile or electronic applications and can turn to be the most valued addition to the product. In this era of innovation you can offer something new to your users.

Tech giants like Google, Apple, and Amazon are already utilizing the text to speech and their reverse Speech to Text functionality in areas like smartphone industry, self-driven automobiles, virtual assistant tools, etc. and we as users can very well acknowledge these efforts in their tools we use. Some further examples on how we in daily life are users of Text to Speech technologies in some way or the other, one needs to look around oneself. Navigation applications to provide directions, E-Learning applications, games, even some appliances at home or work are staring at our faces. Majority of startups and SMEs today are aiming to become key players in these industries and it can be clearly made out that if implemented rightly, text-to-speech technology will prove to be a boon for them.

We at VoiceTree technologies, providers of cloud based telephony services, too profoundly make use of Text to Speech engine to create dynamic IVRs and provide other voice related services to our clients. The key is to recognize the need, and if you can benefit from it then Text-to-Speech is the thing to go for.