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B2B Marketing Tips for Better Webinars

Webinars currently play a substantial role in B2B marketing.  However, many companies fail to complete polished and comprehensive webinar presentations.  Improve webinars with the following tips:

Keep Webinars Short and On-Point

Do not arrange an hour-long webinar if there is not an hour of relevant and engaging content.  Although most webinars are scheduled for an hour, it can be better to schedule a webinar with 25 minutes of content for 30 minutes.

Create a Webinar Instead of a Podcast

Jeff Fissel, co-founder of video software company KzoInnovations recently identified one of the most common issues seen in webinars is a dearth of visual content.  It is important to deliver a strong verbal presentation rather than a podcast with a few slides in order to keep audience members engaged.

Slides Should Complement Presentations

Avoid text-heavy slides that encourage audience members to ignore the verbal presentation.  Slides can complement the presentation by adding additional graphics and emphasizing main points.  Tell both a verbal and visual story in a webinar.

Keep the Right Pace

It is recommended that slides change every 10-15 seconds throughout the duration of the webinar to keep audience members engaged and the presentation on-point.  Stagnant slides are often ignored, and a ripple effect can be created.  Once audience members become somewhat disengaged, they are more likely to become completely disengaged.

Test Slide Animations on Specific Platforms

Animation of slides can be a clever way to keep the right pace.  However, not all webinar platforms handle PowerPoint animations well, and bandwidth and fidelity can both become significant issues.  Test animations on specific webinar platforms ahead of time in order to best be prepared.

Test Voice Set-Up

It should have to go unsaid that inadequate bandwidth, outside noise, or a poor microphone can ruin even the best webinar.  Invest in quality audio equipment, and perform a sound check prior.

Use a Script

Using a script can be an easy way to deliver the right content in a timely manner.  It is also easy to create spaces for ad lib and to ensure that an audience does suspect a script is used.  Take the anxiety out of public speaking when hosting a webinar.

Find a Preliminary Audience

Find someone or something to deliver a presentation to instead of delivering the presentation to an empty room.  Find friends, coworkers, family member, or even a family pet as a preliminary audience.

Have an Engaging Host

A top webinar host will help engage audience members without disrupting the presentation.  A quality host will bring the right level of energy to the webinar presentation and help keep audience members involved.

Embrace Live Webinars

Let the audience know that a webinar is live by mentioning the date, taking questions, welcoming attendees, and running polls.  Also, mention a current event or the weather.

Think About Twitter Integration

Make it easy for audience members to tweet.  Provide short and meaningful quotes that are under 120 characters or so.  Also, display a personal Twitter handle and hashtag at the beginning of the presentation.

Edit and Archive the Recording

Edited recordings can encourage audience members that did not attend the live webinar to attend a live webinar at a future date.  Editing can also help fine-tune any content that is not up to par.

Build a highly engaged and interested audience in almost any industry by improving webinar presentations.