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Dynamic Mounting: Get Rid of Neck Pain & Optimize TV Viewing Angle

Do you have a flat screen TV? If yes, then you probably have a dock to mount it on, if no, then you might be planning to buy one. There are numerous mounts available and they promise to offer some functionality as well like positioning from left to right, tilting up or down but all tell us not to mount it over the fireplace. That’s when Down and Out by Dynamic Mounting comes into picture; you can resign your television position at your wish.

As I have already stated and you all might be aware traditional TV mounts do not offer more than just a little of tilting here and there and spending a few bucks might let you tilt your television to positions of 20-30 inches from the wall. A flat screen above your fireplace is not offered by any of these no matter how much you spend over the fancy mounts none of them allow you to place your Television set over the fireplace only because of the fact you have to tilt your head a lot over the sofa in order to watch the screen. For the same reason, any and every TV enthusiast will tell you not to place your TV over a certain height so that the head can be place at ease and at a certain eye level.

The Dynamic Mounting Down and Out comes to rescue with this problem, the price you have to play for it is comparably higher than already available mounts but also the kind of functionality it offers is not offered by any of the other mount providers. Also, it comes in two pieces one attaches TV to the wall and other to adhere the wall is using the screw.

Let’s get started to mount the Down and Out to your wall, you need to figure out if it is too high or too close to the wall, well nah! That will be taken care of by the manual, which will let you determine the ideal position to mount your dock. A little help will also be an indication of the ease of mounting it to the wall.

Now we will have a little picture about the construction of the Down and Out Mount, it is solid all metal construction. Two thinner arms can hold up to 110 lbs of weight also allowing you to angle the TV to 6 to 4 degrees in the down position. The setup will seem confusing to you at first but a number of screws provide you ease to rotate the TV set at your desired angle, they might not be easy to be reached at the first instance but once the tightness is adjusted to get the desired rotation your work will be done. The majority of the Weight is held by a large metal arm which hydraulically keeps the TV to up or down position and allows as much as 30 inches of distance from top to bottom.

The hydraulic arms can counter the balance by a screw located at the back of the mount. It is advised to set it at the lowest position so that your TV can be moved at the maximum strength provided by the mount.

Down and Out mount has a patent so it is highly likely you will not find a mount with the same functionality for a number of years in future. One backdrop of the mount is it doesn’t let you adjust viewing angle from left to right but only from up to down. Dynamic mounting has been adjusted such that it locks the position from top to bottom provided the screws are adjusted perfectly. There is also a utility for cable management, which lets you go away with pinching in the cords.

Samsung Smart TV on Dynamic Mounting

  • Mantel Depth: 7 inches
  • Mounted TV mount above the mantel at 10 inches
  • Clearance between TV and mantel came to 2.65 inches
With these settings, the TV came down 30 inches to watch at eye level.


In all, the performance of Down and Out has been tried and tested by a number of users and has resulted as being excellent with flying colors. The adjustments, screws and positioning have been pretty easy and let you adjust your television accordingly. I wonder why the other mounts have not thought of such a simple and elegant idea.