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The Future of Professional Code-Free Web Design

As websites increase in complexity and requirements, they grow less manageable by one person and require larger teams to design, develop and manage them.

Professional designers are still tied to the skills of developer to help in publishing a website for a client. Additionally, when working with a developer they will traditionally take up to 70% of the design budget allocated to the project.

Webydo, however is transforming the web design industry by putting the professional in the drivers seat. The future is the code-free website creation, and it’s here now. Finally evolved in ways that allows us to design a website professionally without bothering with hand-written code or outsourcing work to a third party.

With Webydo designers can focus on the creative side, designing the website visually, as it should be and simply click publish to make the website live on the internet, enjoying advanced cloud hosting. Webydo's advanced code generator will automatically convert our graphic design into HTML code following the latest industry standards. Additionally Webydo has advanced cross-platform capabilities and is optimized to work on all devices as well.

Webydo, unlike the simple DIY website builders (such as Wix or Weebly) that offer amateurs pre-set templates, allows you to design a website completely from a blank canvas, providing your clients with a high quality custom tailored web design for their specific needs. Add to that CMS features, a unified dashboard to manage all your websites, and a very intuitive workflow using familiar graphic design features, and you will see why Webydo is the design platform of choice for over 65,000 professional designers.

Webydo’s platform offers all the elements you will need to create your clients professional website. Menus, shapes, images, texts, video and flash elements, forms and slider galleries are just a few of your options. You can also extend your site functionality by adding code snippets, ecommerce functionality and blog.

Design process is visual, by simply drag and dropping elements, positioning and scaling them with pixel-perfect accuracy. Every element also offers a lot of options to customize its appearance and behavior. We also get a solid control on our website’s typography. Not only we can choose among a vast selection of web friendly fonts to use, but we also get several advanced tools to format our website’s text professionally.

Finally, managing the website pages works intuitively with the powerful features such as duplicating pages, adding extra SEO descriptions and setting whether they’ll be visible on the menu or not you can also create multiple menu options to offer your website in different languages.

Webydo was created with the professional designer in mind and to help grow their business or design agency. Designers can manage hundreds of websites from a single dashboard, making it possible to create, publish and manage your client websites. In addition, it is possible to use the white label option to rebrand the CMS by adding your logo, and to send invoices to clients for services rendered.

In the dashboard we have an overview of every site we ever created in Webydo. We can use the dashboard to create new websites, edit existing ones or duplicate websites to use as templates to kick start our design process. We can also manage and update the content of our websites and even add CMS users that can only update the content without messing with our design.

With Webydo we can see our design in action and be in charge of the entire design process from start to finish. Forget the frustration of how to code your vision, and the chaos of managing and updating multiple websites. Try Webydo today, and join the website design revolution.

Webydo is a community led cloud platform for web design with over 65,000 designers worldwide. Webydo's sophisticated cloud software allows professional designers to create and manage responsive pixel-perfect business websites for their clients without writing code. With Webydo’s B2B solution, designers can bring any web design to life, enjoying total creative freedom and independence. Industry leaders define Webydo as one of the hottest trends of 2014 and TechCrunch, Forbes, and the Huffington Post described Webydo as one of the most promising startups with a “Steve Jobs” effect.