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It’s time to get excited about the iPhone 6 – but not just yet!

As we draw ever closer to the halfway mark of 2014, the internet is slowly becoming dominated by news, rumours and speculation regarding the iPhone 6. Well, news is a strong word in this context, as all we actually know is that a larger screen is likely to be a focal point of the new design and that the 6 will be released at some point this year. When exactly, is unclear.

What we do know however, is that Apple also have an ‘iWatch’ planned alongside a new ‘iPhablet’, which is believed to be an innovative phone-tablet hybrid. These products are likely to take their respective markets by storm, but with rumours rife about ios8 in place, no Apple product is as hotly anticipated as the iPhone 6 right now.
One thing Apple is likely not promoting too heavily this summer, however, is their recent releases of the iPhone 5, along with the iPhone 5S and C variants. The products are still reasonably fresh on the market and fans of the Apple products will no doubt be pleased with the small yet significant changes made to the products, such as the colour variant iPhones that allow Apple to compete with the likes of Nokia and their Lumia products.

The lack of concrete news about the plans for the iPhone 6 have left consumers both excited and aggrieved, with some believing other companies’ new releases, such as the Samsung S5, are products that should be seriously considered when choosing their next upgrade. This could be disastrous for Apple, given the amount of products they have in store for consumers going into the second half of the year.

One key aspect regarding the products, whichever of them you may choose, is that of pricing. All of the major companies will strive to usurp each other at the top of the pile in terms of pricing, with Sony also releasing a new product this year in the form of the Sony Xperia Z2. Customers should note however, that a second glance at current smartphones may prove beneficial.

For those who can’t wait for the new releases, or simply want to spice things up when it comes to mobile devices, then they should consider the iPhone 5, as mentioned earlier. T-Mobile incredibly priced the smartphone into one of the cheapest package deals around since they announced their decision to sell the Apple product, midway through 2013. The move sent shockwaves throughout the industry and left rivals on the back foot, which likely benefitted consumers that invest in all of the major smartphone companies.

Another interesting point regarding the promotion, is that T-Mobile were regarded as a late seller of the iPhone 5, with many other networks such as 02 having long standing interests in marketing and selling Apple products. The late entry was likely a positive for T-Mobile, as many longstanding followers of the network will have no doubt jumped for joy when it was revealed the smartphone would finally arrive on their network. This was a smart move by T-Mobile as customers already knew a lot about the product they were buying, so they could trust both the iPhone 5 and the pricing, which is a major flaw in Apple’s promotion techniques surrounding the iPhone 6.

That subtle marketing ploy of T-Mobile’s attracted many customers to purchase the iPhone 5 and with the iPhone 6 so far away (or at least in terms of knowledge on what to expect), it may be wise to look a little closer to home in terms of smartphones when choosing an upgrade this summer. For all we know, the iPhone 6, could be further away than we think.