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Best Astronomy Apps for Stargazers

Outer space and stars have been attracting people for ages. Hardly there is anyone who would refuse making a journey to the Moon or Mars. Who knows, maybe it’ll come true pretty soon. So, you’d better know what to expect. Here is top 10 astronomy iPhone and iPad apps for stargazers and simply amateurs that’ll help you explore the space better and get closer to stars.

Moon Globe

Let’s start with our closest friend – the Moon. Moon Globe will transfer your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad in a portable telescope. The app allows you to zoom in with 500x magnification and explore the Moon surface, including the so called dark side. Spread two fingers on the screen to see the map of a particular place. Use 3D tag cloud to learn the names and short facts about the mountains, seas, craters and other objects. The buttons on the bottom let you move left to right and south to north while the little telescope button get you to a different viewing mode. There are also a lot of other functions such as sunset watching, Moon position at your place, Moon phases and so on.

If you liked this app, don’t forget to check it’s brother – Mars Globe.

Download Moon Globe for: iPhone (free), iPad ($0.99)

GoSkyWatch Planetarium

This is a free powerful, yet easy to use application created for outdoor use. Open the app and raise your hand to detect a part of night sky. You’ll the very same part on the screen with information about constellations and their main stars. GoSkyWatch provides a full hemisphere view, what is very useful if you want to see the way the stars move. Stretch the fingers to zoom in and check small objects. In settings you will find various features like: night mode, star color, Milky Way, deep-sky objects view, objects images and many more.

Though GoSkyWatch is a nice app, it has one serious drawback. You can show only naked-eye visible stars, that is not enough for advanced stargazers.

Download GoSkyWatch for: iPhone ($3.99), iPad (free)

Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy

Pocket Universe is a beautiful easy to use application that will help you learn the names of stars, planets, constellations and other universe objects. This is a great app for beginners. Pocket Universe uses the built-in compass to detect your position and display the same sky view with the information about the stars you see. The application can also take you to a walk on the Moon or Mars surfaces and inform about the closest event in the astronomy world. Moreover, the app offers to play various quizzes to check your knowledge.

Download Pocket Universe for iPhone ($2.99)

Solar Walk 3D

Solar Walk 3D was featured by Apple as Best Apps three times. And it really is! This application helps you explore the Solar System and see planets and their Moons in close-up with all the necessary information including history of exploration, inner structures, and points of interest and so on. Besides, you can see 3D pics of most famous or interesting satellites. One of the most amazing features of Solar Walk is time machine. It allows you to set date and time and take travel back in time to see how the universe looked like years or even centuries ago.

Download Solar Wald 3D for iPhone/iPad ($2.99)


Speaking about the Solar system, one can’t forget about NASA. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration developed its own app for everyone who is interested in ongoing missions, space programs and International Space Station astronauts team. The app includes news, pictures, videos and even live streaming NASA TV. It also has bookmarks and Facebook and Twitter integration, so if you liked something, you can easily share it through your social network account.

Download Nasa for iPhone/iPad (free)


Cosmographia is a mind-blowing app and must have for all stars amateurs. Move with a simple swipe to faraway distances and learn more information about the Universe. The app provides data about planets, constellations, moons, asteroids, dwarf planets and spacecraft. If you know where you want to “go”, just use a menu of planets or moons and navigate to the one you need. In case you are tired of all the information or just want to enjoy the view, tap the screen to hide the interface and get an amazing space view. The app also gives you a chance to experience interplanetary missions and track the positions of International Space Station and the Hubble Space Telescope.

Download Cosmographia for iPad ($2.99)


Apart from Solar System 3D, Exoplanet deals with planets and stars beyond our Solar System. The application receives updates as soon as new discoveries spring up. Exoplanet also gives a basic explanation on exoplanetology as science, the different methods of detecting new worlds, and the types of worlds being discovered. The app contains detailed information and 3D animations on every confirmed discovery. You’ll learn the planet’s mass, discovery year, distance, radius, orbital period, etc. All the information can be compared with equal info about the Solar System for better understanding.

Download Exoplanet for iPhone/iPad (free)

Space Images

Space Images doesn’t provide a great many features, but has a huge library of stunning images and videos taken by spacecraft. Enjoy pictures of galaxies, stars, planets, comets and many more. The app allows you to save the images you like in the Favorites folder as well as on your device and set them as background. You can also share the pictures via Facebook or Twitter account and check the most popular pics among other users.

Download Space Images for iPhone (free), for iPad (free)