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Mantri Developer Launches Mobile App

Mantri Developers is India’s leading real estate developers building world class residential properties. Being in the real estate business it has used technology and has incorporated in the business in the form of a mobile app. The app aims at providing rich information about their projects to all the interested buyers.

Taking the help of GPS functionality, Mantri reaches out to its customer base in India and abroad. The app is available on all the popular mobile OS including Android and iOS version 6.0. The will soon launch on iOS version 7 which is to be launched by Apple.

The app features all that Mantri Developers offers to its customers, i.e. Real estate in Residential, Offices, Retail, Education and Hospitality sector. The app also features project gallery, specifications, floor plans, club house details, locations, etc.

The app has also made a better connect of the buyers with the sales team, the app has a feature that makes it accessible offline as well, It also tells the location and route options to any Mantri project from their current location.

In Snehal Mantri’s words which released the app, “In this fast paced world it is important to stay connected and have one stop solution at our finger tips. The Mantri Corp App is a sincere effort to bringing Mantri Developers closer to its stake holders and potential buyers and keeps them updated with all the information at every point of time according to their need. This is just the beginning; we will be adding many more features in the app in near future.”

In app also provide some inbuilt functions like notifications which will tell the users about offers, events , happenings, press releases, etc. at all the Mantri Companies like Mantri Developers, Mantri Junction, Mantri Square etc. Also, the higher version of the app contains a feature where all the Mantri Developer’s customers will be able to access reward points ‘ Mantri Isignia’

The screenshots of the app can be found below.

Appface Technologies CEO Edvin Varghese added, “Smartphone apps will play an integrating role for Home Automation products going forward. We are happy to associate with a market leader like Mantri Developers which always offers cutting edge technology and convenience to its customers.”

You can download the Mantri Developer's app on Android and iOS.