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Seed 4 : Android Game Review

Gaming has been reinvented and has been improved exponentially. From the bit game ‘Snake’ in Nokia to many of high graphic games, gaming has not just changed its form but also method. Interactive gaming has started with the advent of video games not knowing that it will not only be related to human-machine interface but will also form human-machine-human relationship . Seed 4 is also to such a multiplayer game which aims at bringing people together and playing with friends help.

Seed 4- Lord of the war is different than other games because its strength lays in its character interaction and politics rather than combat which is in fact entirely removed from the design. With first part launched in the year 2006 the game runs on a very interesting and engaging story line.

The story goes something like the humanity has already spread its wings in moon and mars and now time has come that it must be spread across universe. To achieve the same five seeds were built and instead of sending humans eggs, sperms and DNA codes travel through ships and hatch at the correct time by the computers.

I don’t want to be a spoilsport so to know more, how it is done and what will happen afterwards, you surely have to play it. This game comes with a purely different concept of colonization with the ships, battles, arms. The strategies, the social concept makes the game entirely different from what we have played till now. The best part about this game is, it is not restricted to your friends, your circle but over a million users can engage in the game at the same time, strategizing planning and winning the war and be the ‘Lord of the war’.

It’s the fourth volume of the Seed series and has extensive graphical collaboration you will surely enjoy the fierce wars, political strategies and mind games of what people can do. Playing this game was a completely new experience to me as I have never felt so engaged in a game that it makes me feel a part of the virtual world in the game itself

So don’t wait, Seed 4 is already there in the android market, enjoy a completely new experience with your phone and engage in battles you’ve never dreamt of.