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E-Cig Diary : Android App Review

Electronic cigarette otherwise known as e-cig is a vaporised version of the conventional cigarettes that is designed to help quit smoking. Cigarettes contain nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. This can explain why smokers usually stay hooked to the drug despite being warned openly of the repercussions.
What an e-cig does is that it allows the quitter to inhale vaporised nicotine which is less harmful.

A new app has been developed for people in possession of E-cigarettes. The app is dubbed E-Cig Diary. It is available on Google Play Store. Ever since its introduction, the app has generated quite a buzz around it considering the fact that some people have named it the ''most complete app on electronic cigarette''.

What does the app do?

The e-cig app is designed in such a way that it helps one keep a record of their day to day savings and keep track of their health. This is provided for by the fact that the app uses some of the most high-tech tools for the E-Liquid the battery of E-Cigarettes. Another feature that makes the app tick is that the user can actually share anything they want via the different social media channels available on their devices.

Features of the app

  1. The app features:
  2. Both Italian and English languages
  3. Customizable Widgets
  4. Days without smoking
  5. Daily nicotine
  6. Advance calculator
  7. Mixer
  8. Cookbook - to manage the ingredients
  9. Meter - that calculates the ultimate voltage, power, resistance and current
  10. Battery - basically monitors the system and provides for the determination of the puffs
  11. Meter E-Liquid – this feature is designed to provide useful information about the number of refills that can be done.


The application is available in two versions; the free version and the paid version, which can be downloaded from Google PlayStore. They both have similar features only that the free version has limited usage.