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Sprng EarPod Clip : Apple's Design Issue Fixed

Ok! So you do have an iPhone, or an iPad or an Apple Tablet, but, can you use the complimentary earphones while running, walking or dancing? I guess most of us will have a “No” to this answer. Well! SprngClip has come up with a simple solution to your simple yet annoying issue. It is a smart little gadget that very comfortably fixes your earpods to your ears. Let us gather some more info on it.


If you will ask me for an explanation for how SprngClip looks, I might do injustice to the innovative little gadget. Hence, I am posting a picture of it and I am pretty sure it will speak more than my thousand words. We can very well make from the picture that the gadget is pretty attractive. It is available in shades of blue, pink, green and grey, so you can easily choose the one which matches your personality. Well, let me describe the tangibles to you, SprngClip have a rigid plastic stem with a soft elastomeric tip and fits softly into ears.

How to use them?

Well, it is the easiest piece of gadget to use. You just have to slide or snap them them onto on your Apple Earpods and adjustment them to fit your ears and Voila! You are done!

Once they are placed on your ear plugs, you tuck the silicone part under the fold of the cartilage which is under your ear canal. You will also receive an instruction sheet along with a pair of SprngClips. Once they got in place in your ears you have to no longer worry about your earphones falling off your ears.

Comfortably and Stability

As I have already mentioned they are made of silicone, so there is no question about the comfortably, They are soft as cotton and extremely smooth to slide. Now, it is the comfortably or stability that is its value proposition? I must tell you it is both, since we have tested them under various scenarios like, climbing stairs, on a treadmill, and skipping and they have got a great grip of earphones on my ears. Well! Now I see the real usage of my iPad, I can use them easily while gym’ing.


Well! I must say, and you will also agree, that it is really simple piece of art. A simple thinking to a normal problem, like me, it will solve the earphone problem for most of us. It a simple, cheap , good looking yet an intelligent solution to our problem.

Note : The Earpods are sold separately. Sprng clips only fits Apple Earpods that are supplied with iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, iPod Nano (7th Gen.), iPod Touch (5th Gen or newer) or Apple Earpod Model # MD827ZM/A. They do not fit the classic Apple Earbuds sold with the iPhone 4 or earlier or older iPods.