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LG G3 : Features, Review & More

It you look down the timeline, you will notice that LG phones weren’t even in the recommendation list of smart phones, in fact, their design and technology was completely boring and had a corporate face on. But now LG is all set to unveil its actual stunning personality and is ready to be declared as the best smartphone of the year 2014. LG has a new phone G3 whose HD display, amazing camera and sleek design is ready to be kept in everyone’s wish list.

Let us all agree that for LG smartphones, things have changed drastically, it has started tapping into the smartphone market seriously and for the past two year we have enjoyed LG’s creations like G2, G Flex, G Pro2 and the Nexus 5. This year, LG is not backing off, but, it is all set to create history by launching G3. Let us read further to know how G3’s specification sheet has more into it than just what’s listed.

The Display

As the proverb say “the bigger the better”, LG’s G3 has put this into its resolution with a 2560x 1440 pixel screen to be better than 1920x1080 resolution screen. It is amazingly clear, extremely sharp and pleasant to look at. But, is the same promised and even delivered by other smartphones like Samsung S5 or Nexus? Well, to clear our doubts we took the phones, G3 and Nexus 5 and kept them side by side, on analysis with bare eyes we could clearly see the difference of a 1080p phone with G3’s extra clarity and an improved stock font.

Since, the beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, we thought it would be a bias decision to conclude G3 is better by just looking at it, so we compared the cameras. G3’s 13 megapixel camera could take UHD videos in 3840 x 2160 pixels. The footage of the same video taken from similar phones gave us the proof that G3 was better, full of color and wonderful to look at even at the smaller screen.

We clicked a far picture with stuff scribbled on it and on zooming we could very well read the contents which was not possible by the picture quality taken by Nexus 5.

The only drawback you will find with this extra clear screen is the wallpapers, as 1080p would look a bit blurred and pixelated. So, if you are a regular wallpaper changer you have to use G3’s default wallpapers until people start uploading new higher resolution wallpapers on the internet.

The Design

We have expected that G3 will be given a metallic body which has been given to HTC One M8, but LG couldn’t pull through this. G3 is given a “metallic skin” on its rear body which is a blend of a little metallic and plastic. This has definitely given G3 a metallic “look” but not “feel”.

The rear finish is given a shiny metal finish look which is enough to catch someone’s attention. This has made it to look better than Galaxy S5’s rear panel. The panel is scratch and stain resistant.

Care have been taken to make the phone as light as possible thus all the extra unneeded components have been removed and the rear mounted controls which were previously seen on G2 are back. Although, these have been redesigned such that the curvy buttons get adjusted against the surface.

Coming to the screen size, although it is a 5.5 inch screen, somewhat similar to Galaxy S5, G3 is not a compact phone. Its curved shape is quite comfortable and chamfered bezel around the screen ensures it doesn’t feel sharp when you hold the phone.

The Interface and The Apps

LG has decided to keep the G3 colors submissive, with pastel colors for icons, the color palette used for the entire UI seemed “mature” and is pleasant to the eye. The icons are flat, while the stock apps and settings options have their own primary color thus making them easily distinguishable. I must not forget to mention about Knock Code which secures the screen by a series of taps you decide your phone requires to get unlocked. This is convenient to remember and a better way to secure your screen. According to LG, it is better than finger print recognition and much easier to implement.

Among the apps, the ones which caught our eyes were LG Health, Smart Tips and Smart Notice. Smart Notice, is more like a personal secretary to you, reminding you the birthdays, tasks, missed calls, new contacts to address book etc.

LG Health is an app which takes care of your regular diet and health schedule. Notifies you about the calories you burnt, count your steps, takes care of your daily exercise routines and suggest you your diet plan according to your schedule. Also, you have to always keep this phone alongside in order to make full use of this app, because once some of your data remains uncaptured it will be difficult for the app to provide you excellent advice.

The Performance

All the LG G3 phones use the quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor, this is the latest one and is widely being used in latest phones. The difference of LG models lies in the RAM, where 32 GB model is equipped with a 3GB Ram while 16GB version has a 2GB RAM. There is not much difference in the performance of both the models, but when performance intensive apps and high end games are played the difference could be easily pointed between the two series of G3.

The Camera

LG has a 13 megapixel rear camera mounter just above the sleep/wake key. The camera has an assisted laser focus, this technology has been adapted by LG’s robotic department and it quite helpful in locating and locking the objects. It figures out the object in about .026 milliseconds which is lower than the time we take to blink our eye. Thus, it identifies its objects faster than its competitor smart phones like Galaxy S5.

Another cool feature targets at making your selfies the best ones. All you have to do is before clicking a selfie just put your hand in front of the front lens, a feeble clench of your fist will activate the camera and will automatically set a three second timer. And hence, you have all the time in the world to make your best face with buddies and upload the picture on your favorite social networking website.

The Battery

When we think of an HD screen mounted with our phone we cannot expect a decent battery life. Well, LG is smart and knows his customer issues, thus it has introduced a 3000mAh removable battery. We tested it by running 3G for entire day and using a little apps and connectivity tools like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi hotspot and found that the phone worked for as long as 50 hours.

This excellent performance of battery been possible because of the clever LG software that has been used in the phone. It make adjustments to the frame rate, CPU Usage and display drive to get maximum efficiency out of the phone.


LG wanted to be big this time, and it is seemed that by G3 it has proved so. LG wanted its phone to be perfect and G3 has all the characters which completes the checklist of a being complete handset. The modern, sleek design, Shiny rear, HD display screen, perfect battery life and an elite phone to look at make this phone anyone’s first choice to be pick up. The phone's expected price in India is speculated at INR 52000 but the phone is launched, you can find the best price for this phone across all Indian stores here.