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Use of Cloud Storages - Personal Experience

The idea of having cloud storage at hand, precisely taking advantage of its features, has come to my mind long after such a technology conquered an attention of web-surfers. Furthermore, being a long-terming Internet user (in other words working with docs, listening to music and talking to friends mainly online), it didn’t occurred to me that I am already a cloud storage customer. The enlightenment happened, when I learned that Google Docs, or as it is known nowadays Google Drive, is an actual online storage. One more “online” item appeared in my everyday list.

Everything starts with Google… as always

Clearly, that was the very moment when cloud storage services became a part of my work and leisure. Quick research of newly appeared interest of mine unveiled numerous options aside from Google Drive, and they turned out to offer a lot more than I’ve expected. And its constantly changing interface was one more reason I switched over to other backup services.

Probably, I should acknowledge from the start that I could be accredited to those users, who exercise free services mostly. When something is given free of charge, why not to make use of it? The majority of cloud storages conduct trial periods or present free disc space, and these are a great solution – as a user I have a chance to get familiar with service’s features and benefits, I have no financial expenditures, and, in addition, the opportunity of upgrade is still possible.

The choice is quite big

Look at Dropbox, in which newly registered users are to make some steps to attain free gigabytes, such as installing its client program on PC, inviting friends, uploading files, etc. The idea of having extra disc space no doubt is good, yet it seems that one should work for Dropbox marketing plan to get it. In this case, intent to upgrade shortly fades away.

Then was a SugarSync period, which completed as the news of upcoming free accounts’ closure broke. I should admit that was a devastating development after all! For some period I exercised the benefits of DepositFiles, its DepositStorage service specifically. Truth to be told, 25 GB of free disc space have caught me at the start, and a bunch of promised coming soon features have roused my curiosity.

I’ve turned to many clouds and most of them truly met my requirements. I regularly shared photos from vacations with friends and started to exchange docs with colleagues (this way the value of e-mail services has significantly decayed). All in all, I came to the conclusion that a cloud storage should be personal, alike to social network account but without all friends looking at your pics, and it indeed should store all the things I find favorite – music, photos, vids (in my case, a row of clips taken on special family occasions) and, of course, books!

Hope this article of mine might be useful for those willing to start working in the cloud. If you have any thoughts on this subject or questions, post them in comments feed. It will be my pleasure to respond.