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Benefits of Cloud Computing for Business

Investing in heavy servers, systems or buying latest technologies have always given an edge to larger companies from smaller ones but cloud computing has modified this complete idea and has created a great technological revolution. Now, even smaller companies can access a wide range of functionalities that once only larger companies could have afforded. With cloud computing, it is just a matter of web browser and internet connection and the small businesses can have access to software, services and databases while paying as per the usage having various subscriptions ranging from daily to yearly basis. Now, your business can reach millions by having latest technologies and systems from data backup to customer relationship management.

Here, we are listing down six major benefits your business could get by using Cloud services

Improved collaboration

Today, location does not matter, all that matters is how strongly you are connected no matter how remotely you are posted. Cloud services are flexible enough to be used in almost any device with the help of an internet connection, this in turn leads to increased collaboration and hence productivity. According to a research done by Microsoft, 66 percent of SMB’s (Small and Medium Businesses) claim of allowing their employees to work from anywhere they are comfortable at.

Cloud services allow remotely connected team members to have greater collaboration by sharing documents, calendars, tasks lists etc. by not having the need of attaching them to emails. All a team has to do is just sign up for the service and access the program via a web browser, there is no need to download and install the program software on the home machine, for more info visit Amcom's page on cloud computing.

Teams can connect via instant messengers and can enjoy audio, video and web conferencing facilities for any urgent or scheduled meeting. Some cloud services also offers functionalities to add customers and vendors in these meetings. Thus, this enables your company to react quickly, share information to all the stakeholders and cater to business opportunities in a prompt fashion.

Managing growth

The cloud resources that we opt for are scalable enough to cater to variable client requirements. Your cloud resources can increase or decrease capacity to handle busy periods or to scale down slower ones. This surely solves the problem of resources faced by SMB’s, cloud services allow them to be flexible and manage their resources effectively. For instance, there is an urgent client requirement which needs more resources, with cloud services the collaboration tools can be increased according to the project requirements with no need of any prior planning. Thus increasing the ability of your business to respond quickly for any major/minor requirements

Lower costs

Cloud based services saves costs to a much larger extent, upto 49 percent is saved of what you might have spent if you own a software. Your business will save on server maintenance, software up gradations, software licensing, cooling cost, etc. According to a survey done by Microsoftm, “Rather than spending money to maintain hardware that often goes unused, subscribing to software and services for a low monthly fee can help small businesses stretch their budgets further. Along with the ability to scale up to meet increased demand, the Cloud also allows you to scale down during slower periods (e.g., remove users or use less storage space), saving your business money.”

Secure data backup

Even if you are devoid of resources to keep your data safe in cases of emergencies like natural or physical hazards you can keep your data safe with the help of Cloud services. You have options to choose cloud services which offer backing up the data facilities where they keep you data safe in an online location which can be accessed by you within minutes in case of emergencies. Many Cloud service providers also allows geo-redundant backups which allows data to be kept in multiple data centers located in multiple locations, thus increasing security.

Greater reliability

If you opt for cloud services you do not have to worry about the maintenance of the system. Since cloud service providers have an experienced IT staff they can resolve application related issues while you can expend your resources on your clients’ task.

Eased resource management

With the servers being not your consideration but the Cloud service Provider’s you can spend your resources in doing your business rather than spending time on server management. Let the cloud providers do what they are good at while managing your resources in what they should do.