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Samsung Galaxy S6 - What to Expect ?

Samsung's S series has been bread and butter of the Tech-Giant and has made it a major player in Smartphone market. Samsung brings new innovative technology with each iteration of it's S series. Since the arrival of Galaxy S4 in the market, a lot of hype and buzz surrounded its successor, the Galaxy S5. This time, the hype is around the Galaxy S6 as Samsung is yet to launch any great devices that can take the mantle of its flagship from Galaxy S5. The Galaxy Alpha could have served the purpose, but then came out Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha's chance to become the flagship went down the drain, leaving masses to specualte on the arrival of Galaxy S6 and the kind of specs it would have. We bring to you some rumoured details regarding the Galaxy S6, which is being thought to be developed under the codename Project Zero.

Move forward from Super AMOLED display

Samsung dated the FullHD display with its own take on the technology, bringing out the Super AMOLED display. It soon became a norm for every Samsung smartphone in the high-end range to feature the Super AMOLED display. However, the market has now transitioned to 2K or QuadHD displays from their FullHD counterparts. Will Samsung make the bold move to junk the Super AMOLEDs for QuadHD displays? Popular vote says yes, but it would be worth waiting and watching out for what the Korean giant does next in this regard.

Exynos vs Qualcomm

Earlier, it was being rumoured that the Galaxy S6 would feature its in-house Exynos processor for certain markets and Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 unit for the remaining markets. However, the latest rumour in this regard is that US market will get the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810-equipped units while the rest of the markets will receive the Exynos-fitted devices. One thing common among the two processors will be that they both will be based on 64-bit architecture.

Storage Improvements

If Samsung aims to take a dig at Apple, it needs to up its game on many fronts and one of them is the storage department. Now, Apple has junked the 32GB variant of its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and has brought out 128GB variants instead. However, with Android-based devices, providing so much storage space might not be in user's best interests. Samsung might just think of doing away with 16GB variant and work with 64GB variant instead to provide users more value. This may lead to increase in costs but at least users will give Samsung benefit of doubt for keeping up with market's expectations.

Android vs Tizen

Samsung has been working on an in-house solution to Android OS and is looking forward to do away with Google's offering altogether. The in-house solution is named Tizen and has debuted on the Gear smartwatch range from the Korean electronics maker. But with Android 5.0 Lollipop roll out already under way and Tizen not being received as well as Samsung thought it would be, it is one area where rumours are not enough for us to come out with one clear direction in which Korean electronics maker might be headed.