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SeeU : Attend, Organize and Manage all Social Events

This article is especially dedicated to all the Social Birds out there. If you are one of the highly social people you might relate to the fact that how difficult it is to manage being a part of every event, meeting every friend who’s nearby or even Organizing events for your friends, family and colleagues. The only wish we want to be granted is to be “Omnipresent”. Well, this is an odd demand but we can always take a step forward to our any beliefs. This is the era of technological miracles and SeeU is an app of its kind. So let us read more what is does.

In the extremely difficult market of apps making the point of difference is the toughest part. To be renowned every App Developer must tap the very basic needs of humans. SeeU has tapped one such need, the simple idea is to make our life easier and less tangled. It is this generation’s cross-Platform mobile app that lets one organize his time be it leisure time or the busiest hour.

SeeU is now available on iOS platforms. The unique feature of the app is its geo-localization function; it lets you see where your friends are at a particular moment with the assistance of a map. It is not only friends, but the geo-localization function lets you know the nearby events happening, you can also add an event of your own and share it with friends or everyone depending on your choice.

The map also lets you know which of your friends are taking part or attending which event. Now missing an event will be by choice not by you being not notified. So you can plan your schedule according to the places you want to reach and the events you want to be a part of.

SeeU has thus the goal of keeping its users informed at every moment. It lets you stay in touch with your friends, attend events, organize events and invite people. In short a simple way to improve the quality if your social life. Not only just notifying about people, places or events, SeeU also helps you manage them effectively.

I am jotting down the key features in brief which will make you aware of the magnificence of the app.
  1. Get prompt notifications about your friends, their activities and their presence in the area.
  2. Regular notifications about events in current area will bot give you a chance to miss any.
  3. Create and share your own social events.
  4. Manage all the events by syncing in a calendar and setting notifications for the same.
  5. Keep your Friends, Family and colleagues at a bay by forming groups.
  6. Stay in touch with your circle with the help of chat option.
So, how is SeeU strengthening your social interactions? Lets read a couple of points about it.
  1. You know where your friend is throwing a party, who all are attending and you can also join them.
  2. Get notified about your friends location in your current area and meet some old school buddies or the guy who sits in next cubicle.
  3. Don’t get bored on a lazy Saturday evening, get a stroll around the city and you might get notified about the interesting event that is happing a few blocks away.
  4. Organize your events venue and date by looking at the calendar and searching for free dates.
  5. Stay in touch with friends, chat along, resolve trivial fights with cute stickers or say sorry to your dear ones with emoticons.

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Well! This is one interesting app I stumbled upon, downloaded it and found it worthy to share. Makes your social life more interesting and keeps your friends close. It can be downloaded at the Apple Store, Google Play Store and Windows store