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UniCharge : Universal Smart Device Charging Station

As people are getting more & more gadget freak, the gadgets are also freaking us out! Now, I just went ironical with the statement, well, as the number of gadgets is increasing at our homes so is the clutter on our switchboards. There are a number of gadgets to solve this issue at our expense but what about their charging? Every device has a charger of its own with a different pin point.

Uni Charge has discovered this vacuum in our needs and has come up with a Universal Charging station which charges just any device you own with a single charging unit. It works with all the platforms, iOS, Android, Windows, and charges almost anything tablets, mobiles, e-readers, smart watches, fitness trackers, and other wearable devices.

However to make Uni Charge a reality, the creator of this amazing product need you help. Uni Charge is running a crowd funding campaign on IndieGoGo and would need your support to raise funds to make this innovative one of a king product a reality.

The project took its foundation a year ago and now Uni Charge is ready to launch its one stop solution to charge any smart devices. The product would be a success due to dexterous efforts of an experienced team of engineers, including eminent personalities Balaji Raghunathan, Francois Lindsay and Brian Le of California-based Rapid Conn Inc.

Why Uni Charge?

Well, I would say Uni Charge because of the convince factor it provides, this makes it a must have for travel and even home purposes. We all have several devices and their charges are to be seen everywhere at our home, Uni Charge also charges using a regular wall outlet, thus a perfect solution to reduce cable clutter and switch board clogging.

Also, it provides a single charger for any device, smartphones, smart watches, music devices, e-readers, heart rate monitors, fitness devices, etc.

How Does Uni Charge Work?

Uni Charge has a distinctive Connector Selector wheel which is the main unit to provide the one stop charging solution. All you have to do is:
  1. Plug your MicroUSB Cable in Uni Charge.
  2. Rotate the Connector Selector wheel to select the device you need to charge among the list provided of Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Google, LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony or any other which uses a USB connector for charging.
  3. Plug your device in the connector.
  4. Viola! It starts charging

Uni Charge’s Scalability

Now! You might be thinking what other scalability Uni Charge could provide if it is already charging devices of various brands and types. Well! You will be amazed to find that Uni Charge is much more to it, it is designed in such a way to add a plethora of features to it like digital display, speakers, alarm clock, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, temperature, Weather display, speakers and much more.

Uni Charge’s Customization

Uni Charge is designed in such a way so as to equip users with comfort, convenience and ease. It can be customized so as to accommodate any other functional or design need we wish to acquire. It can have clamping features to it, allows itself to get locked in tables in restaurants, movie theaters, airports, lounges, clubs, etc.

The connector wheel has the ability to get embedded as a standard charger in cars, furniture, locker rooms, fitness machines, electronic product display in retail stores, and other places where we spend longer times.


Uni Charge is surely a device of its kind, and it is a basic requirement for all the gadget holders, its expediency allows it to be customized according to our needs. Uni Charge also promises to deliver the product in reasonable duration after the order has been placed. This is possible due to its good experience in managing inventory and suppliers in the U.S and Asia.

So, what are you waiting for, contribute now and help Uni Charge raise funds via IndieGoGo. If you contribute, you stand to get earlier access to the product at no extra cost.