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The World is Spying on You - Be Vigilant

There’s no denying the fact that monitoring has run rampant nowadays. However, we must realize that not all monitoring is spying. First, there are parents who want to keep check on their kids for which they may snoop on their personal devices and may even block certain websites on their computer. Now, parents are going through all this trouble just to make sure that the upbringing of their kids is not affected. On the other hand, spying is a completely different scenario. Spying is when a user snoops on personal activities of other individuals, hence invading their privacy. Usually, this happens in organizations where employers install monitoring software on office devices and then go snooping into other people’s space without their consent.

The job of parenting is not easy especially now when the internet has taken hold over the new generation. Not all parents are able to use the new technology which is why their children become distant and don’t share much with them. This is where parents reach out and take certain measures to ensure that their children don’t go the wrong way. As mentioned above, sometimes they snoop into the digital devices of their kids, and sometimes they block certain websites. However, if the situation gets out of hand, parents even go for certain parental control apps like SecureTeen which helps them keep an eye on the digital lives of their children.

Moving on to spying – most of the people nowadays still believe that only governments and big companies are spying on them but that is not the case. New Research by Retervo Gadget Experts can convince the facts expressed until now.  According to them, men and women dating each other, secretly spy on each other in the form of checking emails and call history. The traffic can be both ways with no dominance of any gender.

Let's get started with numbers. About 30% men and 35 % women are actively spying their significant others. The equation changes more when dealing with younger couples (age group of 18-25). More than 38% men and 47% women spy on each other’s regularly. The spying activity includes checking emails, call history or SMS.

Love couples after marriage are not free from this deadly spying activity. Around 32% of men and 41% of women check each other’s phone calls regularly.

Now, let’s move to the lower age group i.e. Kids. Around 36% of the fathers and 39% of mothers regularly spy on their kids. In this case, the mode of spying is regularly checking mobile phones.

So, is there more to spying? Yes, there is and you might not like it.

Connectivity has its own merits and de-merits. Verizon, for example, distributes its user location to business and family members.

Business uses the geolocation information for guarding their perimeter against unauthorized access. Similarly, parents can also build a barrier around the kids without their knowledge.

The whole scenario is quite unbelievable, but numbers don't lie. Due to advanced technology in our hands, tracking has become a very common practice. Kids are the worst affected with the spying activity with 53% of their fathers and 64% of their mothers practicing spying on their kids. Also, this has paved up the path for portable cell phone blockers, which make sure that your private data remains private even if a surveillance procedure is on.

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After reading all the facts, presented there are chances that you might be feeling little over-whelmed and worried. But, there is a cure to the disease. You can get jammers to lock all the tracking signals and go on with your daily work with peace of mind.