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FlexiHub : Remotely Access & Manage USB Devices

A leading USB sharing solutions for over 10 years, Eltima, has come up with one of its kind software that allows access and management of remote USB devices via internet. The solution is named as “FlexiHub’

FlexiHub is a standalone application which acts as a control panel for numerous USB devices connected to computers over a LAN. So, all the USB devices over a network can be monitored and controlled with the aid of this application. With just a couple of clicks,
FlexiHub will be activated and be ready to monitor real time status of your systems’ USB, be it located in the next cubicle or a faraway country.


Use any Computer to Access USB

FlexiHub allows you to access remotely connected USB devices to different machines at the same time. These network connected machines are referred to as nodes and your USB will be connected to one of these to be monitored.

Remotely Connect or Disconnect USB

When we talk about managing USB devices remotely, it does not only mean accessing the data or tracking its read write activities. This also provides measures to remotely connect and disconnect USB devices. Also, due to encrypted communication over a network, the security of all the nodes will be in place when you connect to one.

Automatic Detection of Device Type

For users ease and requirement, FlexiHub also gives device detection capability, i.e. once a device is connected you will know if it is a printer, speaker, flash drive, phone, HID, or any other USB enabled device. So, one will have the idea of which device must be connected or which one must require secure access

Access Management

Remote USB devices can also be owned, as FlexiHub lets you block any USB device remotely for every, or specific users. Once a device is locked it will not be visible to other users over a network and hence it will require an approval from the admin to get connected to.

In a nutshell Benefits offered by FlexiHub technology are
  1. Exclusive Technology of USB Sharing
  2. Absolutely Secure Connection: The security communications deployed for FlexiHub is 256 bit encryption which enables an extra layer of data protection . So data will be not lost while travelling over a distributed network
  3. Private Communication Server : FlexiHub sends traffic via its own redirection server thus your connected computer do not necessarily need a real IP address.
  4. Traffic Compression : Once Traffic Compression is activated, it speeds up interaction with specific USB devices and reduce Internet traffic. In case of devices like, scanners where data is transferred in an uncompressed state, FlexiHub allows compressing it and transfers at best speed and size.
Thus, Flexi Hub is a one stop solution when you have distributed location of your assets based on your work environment. Also, the security, transferring options, monitoring, controlling and accessing the devices are easier and allows flexibility to your work environment.