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Car Park Dash - The Next Unique Endless Runner

Car Park Dash is a mobile game under "endless runner" genre. The game is developed by Samuel Dominello, who took almost two years to develop this quality runner game. This game is suited for all age groups and players can challenge each other to become the best of the best. All you need is a little practice and be ready to fire the track.

The idea behind Car Park Dash is pretty simple, where it can be compared with other endless runner games present in the market for free downloads. The difference lies basically with the synergy created with gaming controls. When I listened the soundtrack, I could easily recognize it is the result of a professional music composer, as it is so different and so apt with the game that it leaves you in a trance while playing. The expert app development team made it sure that the game runs smoothly.

When coming to the graphics, the game has an urban feel, and most of the game revolves around car parks. There are different levels and each one has varied vehicles and customization characters. Players move to endless journey in parking lots coming across various power-ups which give you an awesome feel of freedom. On your journey to car park, various obstacles will lay ahead like people in car, will get angry if a person hurdle over their car, and so they become your enemies. You have to be quick in your moves and take care of the pedestrians, your well-timed-roll-move could save you a lot of lives and hurdles.

At present, Car Park Dash is currently in development and you can expect to see it on the App Store soon. This game will soon follow its launch and will be compatible with major mobile OS following the popular freemium gaming trend. No additional costs are incurred to enjoy gaming but there is a option to buy stuffs in game currency and if you use these add-ons, you will enjoy it more. The character customization is extreme fun and you will surely come across your look alike. Using game currencies, you will not have to wait to use the characters.

What you can expect in the first version of the game is its unique gameplay, also the ability to challenge yourself and see how far you can dash in this endless frenzy! Many exciting new features will be coming in updates, following the release of the game.

The game is now out on Google Play and will shortly be launched on The App Store.

So are you ready for new innovative action packed endless runner game ? I know you are !