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Guide to Selfie Sticks & Which One to Buy

Selfie’s are the latest fab and there are “people” as well “products” supporting it to become a trend. Referring to “people”, I mean the one’s in crowd or lone travellers who do not bother giving camera to others to take to take their single or group pictures.Well, by mentioning “products” I mean Selfie sticks.

What is a Selfie Stick?

Selfie stick is an arm length long stick with a holder at one end to hold your phone or a camera and other is a handle with which you can hold the stick. A little history about Selfie sticks tells us they were primarily used by sportsmen and thereafter they got popular in East and Southeast Asia. Google Trend data shows the early adopters of Selfie Sticks were Indonesians, Malaysians and the population of Philippines while this was followed by South Korea and Japan and now slowly becoming a global trend. So, Selfie is a tripod with just one leg also known as a monopod.

Who sells them?

Selfie is a new trend so is a Selfie Stick and so is its manufacturers, they are new in the market to be heard of. Some of them are Minisuit, iPow, CamKix, Okeyn, Kootek,Mpow, and Looq. Well, I recently bought my Selfie Stick online from Mactrotown WebStore, it is 1M self-portrait stick with Bluetooth wireless Selfie remote control.

Which one to buy?

Selfie Sticks are of three versions:
  1. Bluetooth Enabled: They get paired with your phone via Bluetooth and click a picture by clicking a button on the handle of the stick.
  2. Headphone Jack: These sticks have a 35 mm headphone jack which plugs into your phone and will allow you take pictures again with the help of a button.
  3. Trigger less: Well they are just sticks and mainly use phone camera timers to click pictures. There might be external key chain sized Bluetooth control is sold as a package with some of the brands.
On these three I would recommend Bluetooth, like the one I bought, since it can connect with my camera as well as phone as the headphone jack will not allow your camera to connect to it and trigger less is a pain to use along with camera’s auto timer option.

There are a number of things I personally liked when using 1M Self-portrait stick as it works with all the Apple devices like iPhone4, 4S,5 5s and almost all the Android devices. Its key features being:

  1. It has an extendable self-portrait stick which works with Selfie Remote to take Pictures.
  2. It has an adjustable Monopod Grip.
  3. It works with my Digital Camera Sony RX 100.
  4. The monopod is adjustable as it has multiple shooting angles allowing different click position.
  5. It’s the latest smart accessory.


So what are you waiting for? Selfie Sticks are amongst the cheapest Smartphone accessories and a good option for all photo lovers not only for avid Facebook or Instagram users but also for professional photographers, so get yourself one now. I bought mine for only $19.99.