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How to Sell Old Phone for New One

Bored of your old cellphone? Or the latest one’s features, looks or even price is luring you to get a new one? Well, if that is the case have you thought of what will happen to your old handset once the new one joins the family? There is another idea, why don’t you trade the old handset with the new one?

In this post I will highlight about some varied ideas of how to exchange your old phone, which can be archaic, broken or even cracked with something substantial. These tricks will apply to even big ticket electronics like digital cameras, laptops, tablets, PC’s etc.

I would suggest you not to dream of fortunes after selling your old handset, but a little more money doesn’t bother anyone either

How much it will get you?

The basic questions a person come across while selling an old piece to a retailer are, is it in good condition or poor? Is the screen okay or scratched? Has there been any water damage? Which carriers does it support? What is the RAM size or the storage capacity? The selling price of the device will then depend upon your answers to such questions, and then only a final offer is made.

If you are planning to sell a premium smartphone in a good working condition without any complications, the phone could be sold off at around $350 or may be more. If your phone has a color which is in demand, its unlocked or not tied to a specific carrier you will get more than an acceptable deal, only criteria is you have to find the right place to sell. There are a number of online cell phone buyers like 'Sell My Phone' which will offer you the best price for your smartphone.

Browse your Closet

If you are planning to sell your phone, well, don not forget to look in your closet you might stumble upon one of those rusty, old electronics which could no longer be put to use.

Holding on a phone is humanly, we always think this might be our backup in times or crises or if a family member needs it, but holding on it for too long is not an intelligent decision. Sooner or later you will have to get rid of it or other old tablets, camera or electronic accessories.

A Broken Device?

If you have a broken device don’t worry, you still can exchange it for cash, an old iPhone with a broken screen , or evident marks of wear and tear will pose no threat to get it sold to an acceptable price, if one vendor is not buying, the other will. So do explore the online and offline places more.

Enjoy Shopping

At SellMyPhone.co.uk you will find a number of brands. You just have to look for the brand your phone own, place your order, choose an option of posting the phone free. Once they receive your handset, they will do a testing on the phone according to the details mentioned by you and then they will process for your payment.

How will you get paid?

'Sell My Phone' will pay you by Bacs or Paypal depending on which option you choose for yourself at the time of checking out while placing orders. You will get paid from 24 to 48 hours once the cell phone is received at the sellers end and if it passes all the mentioned terms and conditions. An email will be sent to you once the payment is initiated.


Don’t throw your cell phone away, if nobody is buying it you can always get a fair price for re cycling it. Your closet will be cleaned and you will get paid for getting rid of your old electronic device.