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Terms and conditions, why are they important? - Answers from Top IP Solicitors in London

When purchasing consumables online it can be easy to just click ‘accept’ and move on when it comes to the terms and conditions. To the consumer, often terms and conditions seem long and tedious, rarely do people painstakingly read through them. However, when a purchase online isn’t satisfactory, terms and conditions can be influential to both the distributor and the customer – as they state the regulations that should be followed.

In the UK, we have the highest online retail sales rate in Europe. This means the amount of business to be gained from ecommerce is huge in the UK, not something you want to miss out on by disregarding the terms and conditions that could lead to regulators taking action against you and more obviously, unsatisfied customers. Waterfront Solicitors, a Corporate and Intellectual Property Law Firm in London, are well known for keeping up with all the updates on legislation of every area, including consumer contracts, and can assist you in making sure your website and order process complies with the legislation that was updated in 2014.

Below, Waterfront Solicitors have provided an infographic that demonstrates the importance of getting your terms and conditions right. It shows some key statistics visually, to find out more scroll down.

Guide For Online Businesses

This consumer regulations guide for online businesses was created by Corporate & Intellectual Property Law Firm Waterfront Solicitors who provide expertise in Commercial Contracts.