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Top 5 Features of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 has hit the streets and so are it's new shiny features. Do you know, iPhone 6 has a lot in its store than the only advertised factors of being harder, better, stronger, faster with new internals and further improvised iOS . Be it iPhone 6 for $199.00 at Verizon or iPhone 6 Plus for $299.00 at Verizon, both have quite a few impressive tips and tricks. Let’s follow them.

So, if you want to know about cool features of Apple iPhone, you can find them listed on the company’s website and also about the better and improved iOS 8.If you are planning to buy an iPhone or already have an iPhone, below listed features will actually make you feel good about the device, and will ensure you the device is worth of what it is priced at. You can get best deal on iPhone and other phones at GoWireless.

Optical Image Stabilization

If you always had been an iPhone lover you might have experienced that iPhone 6 Plus has better pictures which are less blurry. This has been possible due to the usage of A8 SoC which is M8 motion co-processor. This makes a self-adjustment in camera lens for image stabilization and it process movements resulting in clearer pictures even in low light situations. How will you use it? It is automatic so no adjustments is required form your end.

1080p 60fps Video Recording

Until now, the videos were record at 1080p on smartphones, but Apple pushed its limits and now you can record video at 1080p full HD at either 30 fps or 60 fps. The videos are clear, crisp and without any blur caused by motions. Slow motion video recording is available at 240fps so, quite lot of details can be captured for your domestic videos.

VoLTE and WiFi calling

Let bygones be bygones, and so is awful traditional voice calls over cell phone networks. iPhone 6 and iOS 8 has introduced us with VoLTE (Voice over LTE). In addition to it, now you can make calls over Wi-Fi network when cell coverage is not available. Both of these functions will be activated once your network carrier allows you to do so. So not everyone gets to partake in better, more reliable calls.

More Sensors

We have known Apple by its sensors, now in addition to the ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, and TouchID sensor, barometer have been introduced in the plethora of sensors. This will let your apps track your location better like altitude making iPhone 6 a crucial data point for even small changes in weather.

Apple Pay

We all know that a number of companies are trying to get NFC payments to stick in US but none of their efforts were fruitful. We are eyeing on Apple as it is NFC chip in its new phones partnering with companies like McDonald’s, Walgreens and Staples to enable NFC mode of payments a reality across US. Though it is too early to comment on the decision of NFC payment enablement but Apple and fellow companies have truly took an initiative.


There is a superfluity of other functionality that this device is giving us but these were some unique points, I wanted to share with the readers of TechQuark. Analysis of new A8 SoC, band breakdowns, review roundups and every information about iPhone, makes it the best iPhone ever.

So which one you prefer - iPhone 6 Plus or Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ? Let us know in the comments below.