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Social Media Shortcut Guide [Info-Graphic]

Social media is the new element of life which people need for their social survival; we use these platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google Plus etc. on rather hourly basis than daily. But, it is sometimes really irritating if browsing through this media is slow. In this article I will list down some cool shortcuts by the habit of which you can pace up your browsing speed.

As most of you might not be aware that social media websites have shortcuts of their own which makes browsing faster. I will tell you these cheat sheets and you will become the master of Facebook.com.

In order to master these shortcuts, definitely you will need a little bit of practice which can save you a lot of time that is usually spent in moving the cursor from one corner of the screen to other and mouse clicks. Social media shortcuts will let you navigate to sections like messages, feeds, profile etc. by using just a few keyboard keys and bidding goodbye to millions of mouse clicks!

Let me give you an instance of the same so that you get a clearer picture of what I am trying to explain here. Let’ say you are watching a YouTube video in your Facebook feed, just press the key “F” and voila! Your video get full screen instantly. Sounds pretty fast, isn’t it?

A little bit of practice (like we trained ourselves for ctrl+c/ctrl+v or alt+tab) will make our life a better place over the internet. You can find all the shortcuts in the info-graphic below! So don’t wait try out some yourself, be enlightened, become a pro and don’t lose a chance to impress yourself and your friends.

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Graphic by the team at SetUpABlogToday.com

Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts