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Zoutons.com : Save Huge on Online Shopping

Online shopping have converted more number of people shopaholics and I am one of them. So just like rest of the people, I also look for best deals and great discounts. After all who does not want to save some money? Browsing the web in search for some discount coupons for that T-shirt from my favorite online merchandise store, I stumbled upon Zoutons.com and couldn’t help myself posting about it which has coupons of almost all popular online shopping stores like Snapdeal, Myntra Jabong, Flipkart, etc.

What is Zoutons.com ?

When I divulge more into the website to take a superficial tour of it, I found it really interesting as Zoutons.com offer discount coupons for a wide range of products like automotive, appliance, car accessories, beverages, baby products, etc. I liked the simple and clean look of the website and also the idea that it introduced me to many other websites which are good but were completely unknown to me.

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The shopping website which made me land to Zoutons.com was FreeCharge.com. So, like any other websites I searched "Freecharge Coupons" and got as good deals of 20% cash back. there were so many awesome deals that it completely blew my mind.

Site Layout

Although I have already mentioned about the simplicity and cleanliness of the website still I would like to give a brief about how Zouton manages such a simple layout.

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The homepage will show you a search box which is a key to entering the whole website. You just enter the shopping portal’s name for which you are hunting coupons of and it will list down the coupons available. You have to select the coupons you find most apt, click on activate deal and it will get copied to your clipboard which you can use at the time of checkout. Unlike websites, it will not redirect you to any other websites and the homepage always displays current deals going on for various online portals.

Using Coupon

Discount coupons, coupons codes, bargains, promo codes, closing sale offers, etc. are often released by websites which are really helpful and saves a lot of money. Coupons can be reimbursed by following the steps mentioned below Zoutons.com offers, categorized on the genre of stores, brands, product type etc.

For example, if you want Rechargeitnow Coupons, just search for the same on the site and click on 'Activate Deal' or 'View Code'. Easy right ?

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  • Simple navigation of the entire website.
  • Trusted coupons.
  • No cluttering of confusing icons
  • An efficient search bar
  • Easy to use Coupons ‘
  • Great customer service
  • A plethora of categories including gifts, electronics apparels, video games, travel, airlines, cosmetics, etc.
  • The site loads very fast and all operations are smooth and quick.


  • New company in the market but growing fastidiously.
Overall, it was a nice experience browsing through the website and it surely saved me some money. So, in future of you plan to buy online do not forget to check out Zoutons.com who knows what it might have in store for you.