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6 Must Have Gadgets for College Students

Its already April, you might be planning for your new semester to begin or you might be planning for the first day of your graduation college to start. This is the best time to set goals and start a new chapter. In this article I’ll be listing down some gadgets which are a must have for every student to gear up for success, these gadgets could be of really help in your path to success. So, if you are a fresher or counting down to graduation these gadgets will help you make of your college experience.

These six gadgets are essentials from your hostel room to lecture theatre and enhance your academic productivity.

1) Evernote Moleskine Smart Notebook

You keep on taking notes via pen and paper and then easily convert them to digital with the help of Evernote app

The translation from paper to pixels requires the use of Evernote’s page camera installed on your smartphone which will take pictures of your notes. They will then be stored in the app and you get numerous options some of which are “smart stickers” for tagging, customizability and searchibility.

Once digitized you can access your notes from any device or share with your friends and become everyone’s pal! This notebook can help you a lot in preparing for competitive exams like VITEE 2015.

2) OtterBox Phone Charging Case

We all know how frenzied academic life could be, running the entire campus from one classroom to other, extracurriculars, live projects, internships etc. students are always on the go but not their cell phones. Otter Box is one such device which charges your battery life twice over and also once fully charged it will automatically stop charging, thus conserving power.

3) Charging Backpack

Carrying your bag loaded with gadgets, laptop, cell phone, tablets could be fun when all your gadgets are charged up. The bag contains three USB ports and six separate storage compartments to organize and level up your stuff.

4) Kindle Voyage

Nine hours of lectures, or preparing for entrance exams like BITSAT 2015, could be hectic and might give the gift of back ache. Put back the days of books and keep them digitally around you. Digital books are also cost effective and even can be rented for a period of time when you are not using them. If you own a Kindle then you are proud owner of around 600,000 books including some classics. Also you don’t have to bother your roommate with switching on the lights while he decides to sleep and you decide to study late night.

5) External Hard Drive

For student life, and external hard drive could be considered no less than an investment. Back up your presentations, notes, pictures, audio/visual clips, movies for calming your down or music to loosen your, back up everything.

6) Heated Travel Mug

Late for the class? But you cannot give up on coffee or be blistered by drinking very hot cup or blistering your pocket by grabbing a coffee in the next door pricey shop. You can take your caffeine along in a handy vessel. Keep it with you while traveling and on reaching the lecture theatre you can connect the mug with USB cable, let it steam and continue sipping away.

Be the smartest kid around this semester and let people follow you!