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Distance Learning : Technology Bringing Education for the Masses

Educations holds no bars of age, caste colour or creed. Distance learning is one such online education platform by which many individuals can be benefited, it is one of the most viable option for individuals of all ages. So if you are a working individual, or a student you will not be withheld with time or geographical boundaries and can complete a course successfully.

Many Indian colleges like University of Kerala, with the help of latest technological tools, offer distance education in a number of courses to individuals. In this article I will be listing down some benefits pertaining to online education.
  1. Choice: It give and opportunity to choose from various courses, even the ones which might not be available to learn in geographically feasible area. You just need an internet connection and a laptop.
  2. Flexibility: Distant classes are much more flexible than traditional methods, you can study whenever you want, and learning material will always be in your gadget like laptop or a tablet. You don’t have to work with tight schedules of the classroom but will be able to make a schedule of your own.
  3. Networking: Networking is nevertheless the most important step in course of obtaining knowledge. Like any social media, many students enrol in one particular subject and thus you have a wider area of networking opportunities, learn diverse cultures, exchange ideas and discuss solutions.
  4. Pace: Some people are fast learners and some are fast, some manage their time effectively while some cannot compromise with other tasks at hand, but this should not be the hurdle in judging a person’s intelligence. Distant learning give you an opportunity to learn at your own pace at your own time expense
  5. Scheduling: Distant learning allow you to make your own schedule, it is more open and lets individuals of all ages , students, professionals or parents to take classes fitting them according to their chosen schedule.
  6. Monetary benefits: Undoubtedly, distant learning saves a lot of money, since Universities do not have to cater costs incurred to maintain classrooms, hard copy of study materials, this saving is passed on from colleges to students.
  7. Traveling: Another advantage that can be grabbed form distant learning is being saved from travelling. You can save time as well as money by overcoming time you take on travelling to the university. With the Money saved you can take up another online course.
  8. Selection of Professors: Another great advantage is now you can choose from whom you would like to be taught, you can see the list of professors on a particular course from websites like collegedunia.com, get reviews, teaching methodologies and choose your own professor.
  9. Effective: With all your personal gadgets put to use, your mobile phone, laptop or tab, distant learning becomes as effective as traditional classroom methods of teaching.
Distant Learning is another dimension of teaching that Technology has provided us, It is our decision to go for it or not.