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How Technology is Revolutionizing Education in India

We all have completed our schooling by conventional methods including blackboards, whiteboards, chalks, markers, long hour lectures, homework, pen, paper, etc. Today, the modes of teaching are changing.

Talking about modern day classrooms, we notice that they are slowing moving towards newness, accepting modern day methods. Though we have to agree that sweeping out conventional methods from the root of our conventional education system is tough but not impossible.

When we talk about changes, we mean that lessons are no longer to be memorized by heart but understand the concepts from basics. We can clearly see the transformation by looking at the methods of learning which includes aid from digital world of CD’s laptops, e-learning methods, usage of World Wide Web, etc.

Technology was once considered to be a farfetched idea. talking about modern education, it was more or less Greek or Latin to us a few decades back, but now it has slowly becoming backbone of education system.

E-learning has been a necessity more than being mandatory. In this competitive pitch, students make sure to collect information from every possible source. E-learning ensures that data quality is maintained by developing accurate and necessary content which is the nee of GenNext in India. Universities including Symbiosis, SRM University, Manipal, Amity University are considered as first movers in adapting e-learning technologies and they have influenced even schools to follow their footsteps.

IT not only helps students in developing competencies, but also teachers to make them understand and explain better. Students have developed themselves in terms of learning, they have their own laptops, they are inclined towards finding out tings on their own and even campuses are helping them by providing wireless connections.

Technology is surely the best method by far by which students can get answers to their unanswered questions, be more creative, explore their favorite subject, always be informed, be inquisitive and explore opportunities.

Laptops have taken place of notebooks, projectors of blackboards, pointers of chalks and assignments of power point presentations. When compare to universities like SRM University, schools are at a slower pace in accepting technology even though kids are very receptive towards modern methods of learning and making use of technology to learn at their homes.

We can say that modern technology in learning has spread its wings but it yet to fly in a country like India. Universities and Schools are welcoming the modern technology methods of learning with open arms but still it is taking time to incorporate the changes. Change is always good but takes time to be fully incorporated and deliver best results.

Statistically, India is amongst those few countries who has introduced differently abled computers. Looking at the past and examining the changes, Internet has been the biggest changes and took least time of all technologies to reach people. It took almost thirty eight years for radio to reach wile television got its place in every home after a struggle of thirteen years while internet took only four years to become a necessity of everyone’s life.